20 Alluring Tiny Shoulder Tattoos That Women Will Crave

A tiny tattoo on the shoulder will make women more mysterious. When you wear an off-shoulder top, slip dress, or strapless, you will be more attractive. Many women choose to get a tiny lavender tattoo on their collarbones. They look beautiful with this flower tattoo and feel happy every time seeing their tattoo. Pretty little changes and surprises on your body can boost your mood faster than a rocket. Believe us!

And here are 21 alluring tiny shoulder tattoos that women will crave. If you want to get an elegant yet sexy tattoo, you may get it on your shoulder. There are many tattoo shapes for you to choose from, too. Flowers, sleeping cats, dolphins, hearts, words, wreaths – they all sound great. Just pick out one that means to you and give it a try. If you want that tattoo for another body part, it will also work. Tiny and pretty. Who can resist these shoulder tattoos?

1. Moon, Flower and Star Tattoos on Shoulder

2. Cute Tiny Flower Tattoo

3. Small Half-Moon Tattoo

4. Lovely Blooming Flower Sister Tattoo

5. Word Tattoos on Back Shoulder

6. Beautiful Word Shoulder Tattoo

7. Flying Bird Shoulder Blade Tattoo

8. Flower Tattoo on Back Shoulder

9. Beautiful Rose Shoulder Tattoo

10. Humpback Whale Tattoo

11. Tiny  Flying Plane Shoulder Tattoo

12. Crescent Moon on Back Shoulder

13. Dog Memorial Tattoo

14. Mini Flower Shoulder Tattoo

15. Sun Shoulder Tattoo

16. Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

17. Tiny Star Tattoo

18. Another Beautiful Moon Shoulder Tattoo

19. Dandelion Tattoo on Front Shoulder

20. Mini Galaxy Tattoo on Back Shoulder

21. Tiny Bird Tattoos on Shoulder

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