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20 Best DIY Garden Projects To Make With Logs

Logs make excellent garden materials. They are simple, cheap, and easy to find. But log products bring a rustic yet attractive look to your garden. Just look at the flower log planters you see in the park. They are incredibly beautiful, giving us a closer approach to nature and showing us how beautiful it is.

Here are 20 of the best DIY garden projects to make with logs. If you want to bring this amazing material to your garden, you should never skip this collection. They will be a focal point here. Garden owners who are engaged in vintage decor and design, should also give these log projects a look. Rustic and impressive. Look no further!

1. Clever Log Succulent Planter

2. Wood Log Bird Feeder

3. Rustic Landscape Garden Path with Logs

4. DIY Wood Log Furniture

5. Rustic Wooden Bench and Table

6. Wall Hanging Log Garden

7. Outdoor Log Flower Containers

8. Logs with Lights

9. DIY Log Flower Planter

10. Log Crafts

11. Raised Bed Garden with Logs

12. Vertical Log Succulent Planter

13. Log Garden Edges

14. Log Chairs

15. Log Bench with Back

16. Wood Log Flower Vases

17. Rustic Log Stairs

18. Tree Stump Fairy House

19. Outdoor Log Dining Table

20. Wooden Candle Blocks

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