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20 Brilliant DIY Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Do you want to take advantage maximally of the family’s living space? Have you had any idea yet? If not yet, let’s refer to the 20 Brilliant DIY Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas to create a mini garden in your house. With a range of these creative ways, you can absolutely grow your favorite plants your own way. Certainly, not only you but your family members will also love this unique gardening method.

Just looking at these pictures below, you can see how easy and simple they are. They are indoor plants without needing too much sunlight, so you can grow them in windowsills, kitchens, sinks, or hang them in windows, beds, dining rooms, or wherever you feel fit. A few small green spaces like those are enough to make your life healthier and more peaceful. If you want to own these living spaces, save and make them!

#1 Wooden Vertical Shelves

With the way, you fill the soil into mason jar and then arrange and hang on wooden planks. You can grow your favorite herbs.

#2 Wall Garden for Kitchens

If your space in kitchen is lacked for growing plants, lets use artificial lights to grow your favorite herbs in the dark in modular sets.

#3 Kitchen Windowsill Garden

At your large window that right by kitchen counter is great place to grow beautiful plants like Anthurium, Orchids, Echeveria, and Asparagus Fern.

#4 Caster Cart Garden

Buying a castor cart and arranging your favorite plants in it. It is a great place that you can move them any where it along for the plants to get sunlight!

#5 Mini Garden Kit for Kitchens

It can be made by your hand or buy one to grow your favorite herbs like parsley, chives, and cilantro in it.

#6 Vertical Stand Garden

It is great if you are on cooking without have go out garden pick herb to add in your dishes. And a small hanging shelf to plant herbs near a cooking range is the best way to have them.

#7 Modern Kitchen Garden

This is impressive way to boost the appeal of your kitchen by tenfold! It combines all utilities utilizing the space to dine by the mini garden and cum bar.

#8 Mini Herb Garden

Buy a grow kit or start them hydroponically. This is a simple yet effective solution to grow herbs in the kitchen.

#9 Kitchen Window Garden

At your large window will be received plenty of sunlight and that is a perfect place to add more plants to it. You not only have the look but also have green tranquility to your space!

#10 Floating Shelves for Kitchen Gardening

Great way to make urban kitchens, using floating shelves to grow your herbs. A window will ensure they get bright light for their optimum growth.

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