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20 Chic Almond Geometric Nail Designs That Women Can’t Resist

I love almond acrylic nail shape. It’s chic and elegant and suits almost all nail colors, details, and patterns. Even when I add geometric shapes onto almond nails, they still look beautiful. They have something special and easy to grasp our eyes. Boring geometric shapes (like many people think) turn out to be pretty cool nail details. Just give it a try and you will believe in our words.

And here are 20 chic almond geometric nail designs that women can’t resist. They are a clever and fascinating combination of almond nails and geometric shapes. If you are looking for a stylish and attractive nail design for parties and gatherings, these are right up your street. They also suit working and hanging-out styles. The weekend is coming. Why don’t you spend 30 minutes giving your nails a new look? It’s interesting and can keep you happy all day.

1. Trendy Grey Almond Geometric Nails

2. Classy Pink Almond Nails with Geometric Accents

3. Colorful Geometric Nails

4. Classy White Geometric Nails

5. Red Geometric Nail Art

6. White Geometric Nail Art

7. Glossy Almond Nail Design

8. Cute Summer Pink and White Almond Nails with Geometric Accents

9. Black and Gold Tribal Nails

10. Long White Nails with Gemstones

11. Black Almond Geometric Nails

12. Yellow Geometric Nail Art

13. Simple Nude, Pink Nails with Black Lines

14. Black and Light Pink Almond Geometric Nails

15. Geometric Ombre Nails

16. Almond Geometric Nails with Silver Glitter

17. Pink and Yellow Almond Geometric Nail Design

18. Trendy Almond Geometric Nail Design

19. Green and White Almond Nails with Geometric Accents

20. Almond Geometric Nails with Glitter Accents

21. Colorful Geometric Nail Art

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