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20 Clever Ways To Use Stock Tanks And Galvanized Tubs In Backyard

20 Clever Ways To Use Stock Tanks And Galvanized Tubs In Backyard

If you have an old stock tank or galvanized tub, don’t toss it away quickly. Instead of laying it somewhere around your home, there are some useful ways to recycle it useful. And today, we’ve collected 20 Clever Ways To Use Stock Tanks And Galvanized Tubs In The Backyard that will inspire you. They are super practical DIY stock tank ideas not only you trying but also your neighbors will love to copy your designs.

They are versatile containers that can be used all over your home and backyard. Taking them a look, you surely find one or some to your home, right? Whether you want to turn it into a planter, swimming pool, fire pit, or a small vegetable garden, you also can easily make them in your days- off, even complete in one afternoon. In case, you don’t have an old stock tank or galvanized tub, you can find them at local feed stores, at farm sales, on Craigslist, and even on Amazon for a decent price, and then try them to make something special to your backyard. Keep scrolling down and save some for the weekend.

#1 Stock Tank Flower Planter

Source: Whatsurhomestory

#2 Stock Tank Water Storage Rain Barrel

Source: Countryliving

#3 Outdoor Fire Pit

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#4 Rainwater Collection

Source: Gardenerofgoodandevil

#5 Stock Tank Rain Chain Fountain

Source: Joeshappyhour

#6 Stock Tank Pool

Source: Stocktankpoolauthority

#7 Succulent Planter

Source: Giselle Stein

#8 Galvanized Stock Tank Water Feature

Source: Wendwes

#9 Galvanized Tub Container

Source: Rainbarrelgarden

#10 Privacy Fencing

Source: Countryliving

#11 Small Swiming Pool For Kids

Source: Denise McCord

#12 Pet Bed

Source: Homesteadandsurvival

#13 Bamboo Planter

Source: Homesteadandsurvival

#14 A Coffee Table

Source: Galleryme

#15 Raised Garden Beds

Source: Gardeinginraisedbeds

#16 Garden Hose Storage

Source: Addictedtohomes

#17 A Chicken Coop

Source: Thehomesteadingboards

#18 Stock Tanks For Coolers

Source: Indulgy

#19 As a Sink

Source: Amazon

#20 Outdoor Coffee Table

Source: Countryliving

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