20 DIY Cool Small Indoor Succulent Gardens

Succulent plants are perfect to grow! They are normally thicker and fleshy which help them store water in soil conditions or arid climate. Also, they come in different forms and shapes and can adjust to light or low humidity, even weeks of neglect. So, growing succulents not only help you have a green thumb but also add a touch of modernity to your living space. If you love growing these lovely plants, then 20 DIY Cool Small Indoor Succulent Gardens are worth trying to create something creative in your home.

Simply, you just put some of your favorite succulents in the soil in a creative container and plant them. And you also find fun and quirky containers for your succulents with ease. You can make a trip to the kitchen or yard for old teapots and fruit baskets. Some of these ideas are old-fashioned and graceful, like the old picture frame planter and hanging bamboo succulent garden. Others are streamlined and modern, like the glass terrarium and succulent orb forms. Happy crafting!

#1 Pouring Succulent Garden Idea

Source: Morningchores

#2 A Zen Garden Inspired From Succulents

Source: Ideadesigncasa

#3 A Succulent Table

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Spilled Succulent Garden

Source: Toftiaxa

#5 A Succulent Garden With Clay Pots

Source: Pinterest

#6 DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement

Source: Lilblueboo

#7 Succulent Terrarium

Source: Urban Leaf Garden

#8 Terra Cotta Succulent Garden Art Pot

Source: Coastalcreatorsct

#9 A Tiered Succulent Garden

Source: Homesthetics

#10 A Fairy Succulent Garden

Source: Mandy

#11 Hanging Succulent Terrarium By Window

Source: Pinterest

#12 A DIY Log Succulent Garden

Source: Pinterest

#13 DIY Floating Shelf To Display Succulents

Source: Placeofmytaste

#14 A Succulent Window Succulent

Source: Ideastand

#15 Copper Succulent Garden

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#16 Succulent Orb Forms

Source: Houzz

#17 Succulent Wreath

Source: Constantcontact

#18 A Living Succulent Picture Frame

Source: Bhg

#19 Hanging Succulent Garden

Source: Donnaup

#20 Hanging Basket Succulent Garden

Source: Isagomes

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