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20 Glorious Roof Landscaping Ideas

There is nothing better than being read a favorite book or drinking a coffee in a place where you have a chance to be connected with nature, fresh air, and green space, right? So, if you have an apartment with a roof terrace, it is amazing as you can turn it into your own heaven and spend your all-time enjoying the great life. Especially, when you live in a big city, the romantic light of the night city would make it even more perfect. To help you find inspiration to renew your roof, the post today surely is what you are looking for.

With these impressive and modern designs, whether your roof lacks space or has a large area, you also will have your own design according to your favorite. You may have your own plan for the roof landscaping design and style but considering these tips will be helpful too. These places are those where you can spend the most relaxing, wonderful, and philosophic moments of your life. Keep reading to find one and let’s embark on decorating your roof garden with the unique design ideas below.

#1 A Deck Design With Green Plants On Roof

Source: Dwell

#2 A Stunning Outdoor Space On Roof

Source: Gardeningetc

#3 Roof Top Garden Design With Seating Areas

Source: Hplandscapes

#4 A Stone Garden With Plants On Roof

Source: Hanna Maya

#5 A Green Space With A Simple Seating

Source: Wildernisamsterdam

#6 An Open Space With Bamboo And Other Plants

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#7 A Small Roof Garden Design

Source: Minoase

#8 Romantic Space With Flowers, Plants, Simple Seating And Lights

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#9 A Well-Designed Succulent World

Source: Davidcobbcraig

#10 Add A Water Feature For Roof

Source: Archzine

#11 A Vegetable Garden

Source: Pinterest

#12 Relaxing Place With Plants Around

Source: Rueverte

#13 A Beautiful Roof Design With Lights To Liven Up In The Evening

Source: Gardenbuilders

#14 Outdoor Seating Area And Roof Top Garden Design

Source: Lovinmalta

#15 Outdoor Seating Area And Furniture

Source: Scenes-exterieures

#16 An Outdoor Dining Space On Roof

Source: Georgianadesign

#17 A Simple Bar On Roof

Source: Willflyforfood

#18 Peaceful Space With Plants

Source: Lushome

#19 A Roof Design With Potted Plant And A Seating To Relax

Source: Idealhome

#20 An Open Roof Design With Plants And Furnitures

Source: Thesmallgarden

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