20 Inspiring Inexpensive Garden Ideas You Should Try

20 Inspiring Inexpensive Garden Ideas You Should Try

If you are looking for cheap, easy, and functional DIY garden ideas, you are on the right track. And here are 20 Inspiring Inexpensive Garden Ideas You Should Try. They are wonderful garden ideas for you. Making them, you will have special things that always exist around you and your life will be more interesting. Are you ready to spend your time checking them with us?

With these ideas whether you are not a gardener or you do not have a skillful hand, you still can easily make them. Just take them a look, you will see that they are easy to make, you only take a short of time and little effort. If you love these, let’s try them once.

#1 Cheap DIY seed starter soil blocks

Cheap but so useful! Planting seeds in soil blocks that can save your baby plants from transplanting shocks.

#2 DIY stepping stones

Creating interesting stepping stones in amazing patterns for your garden from colorful pebbles.

#3 Cool Plant Labels and Markers

Both of these garden markers are easy to make and look so beautiful in your garden.

#4 Tic-Tac containers to save seeds

It’s great idea by using tic-tac containers for organizing and saving seeds.

#5 Your pots look boring? Give them a makeover

If you have old and unused pots. Let’s transform them into your own DIY garden pots decoration ideas under the idea below. They will sway your mind in wonder.

#6 Toilet roll seed starter

Useful idea when you take advantage of toilet roll for seeding, or you can also propagate cuttings in them.

#7 DIY key wind chime

An interesting idea to follow when you have so many different keys. Let’s paint them and hang up to decorate.

#8 Egg carton as a seed tray

Egg cartons is ideal seed trays.

#9 Make use of broken pots

Don’t throw broken pots, reuse them into your artwork.

#10 Garden tool hanger

Use an old rake to hang garden tools. They will be tidy and easy to find.

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