20 Tiny Mesmerizing Lavender Tattoos That Women Can’t Get Enough Of

Do you love lavender, both its appearance and fragrance? This purple flower makes an excellent choice for a tattoo. A tiny lavender tattoo can always make you more alluring. It’s interesting that this tattoo looks pretty cool at any part of your body. You may get it on your wrist, ankle, collarbone, inner arm, ear back, finger, or waist. It doesn’t get you hurt but make sure that you visit a trustful tattoo shop.

The collection below is a great suggestion for you. It shares 20 tiny mesmerizing lavender tattoos that women can’t get enough of. If you fall in love with lavender and want to get a beautiful tiny tattoo of its shape, these are right up your street. These tattoos look perfect on both young and mature women. They are elegant and alluring. The New Year has just come. Why don’t you bring a pretty little surprise for yourself? A tiny lavender tattoo will do good. Believe us!

1. Tiny Lavender Tattoo Behind Ear

2. Tiny Lavender Finger Tattoo

3. Lavender Tattoo on Back of The Neck

4. Lavender Tattoo on Left Collarbone

5. Tiny Lavender Ankle Tattoo

6. Simple Spine Lavender Tattoo

7. Lavender and Bee Arm Tattoo

8. Tiny Lavender Tattoo on Back

9. Lavender Neck Tattoo

10. Tiny Side Boob Lavender Tattoo

11. Beautiful Tiny Lavender Tattoo on Arm

12. Tiny Lavender Tattoo on Right Collarbone

13. Super Cute Lavender Tattoo

14. Cute Ankle Lavender Tatoo

15. Matching Lavender Tattoo for Friends

16. Lavender Stick and Poke Tattoo

17. Meaningful Couple Wrist Lavender Tattoo

18. Fine Line Lavender Tattoo

19. Best Tiny Ear Tattoo

20. Teeny Tiny Tulip and Lavender Tattoo

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