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21 Best Indoor Vegetables Can Grow Well Under Light

21 Best Indoor Vegetables Can Grow Well Under Light

There are many ways to own a fresh and green garden for the family. It is great to know those good ways, right? And growing vegetables indoors is a great recommendation. This also is one of the favorite choices of many people nowadays. Whether you have a garden or not, this isn’t a problem! In the post today, we are so glad to share a collection of 21 Best Indoor Vegetables Can Grow Well Under Light. These vegetables still grow well without sunlight.

These ways have their outstanding advantages. Your vegetables can avoid the attack of bacteria, insects, or the change of weather. With temperatures too cold or too hot, all will be bad conditions for growth. So, let’s chose them to grow indoor that will help you don’t worry about that. They will be a great solution for your organic vegetable garden. Let’s get started!

#1 Spinach

This vegetable is easy to grow indoors under lights. It is one of the fastest-growing leafy green vegetables. To grow indoors, you will need a light source (led grow light).

#2 Lettuce

Lettuce is another easy-growing leafy green like spinach. You can start growing lettuce from the bottom part of store-bought lettuce or sow the seeds of lettuce in potting mix.

#3 Tomatoes

There are many varieties of tomatoes but you should choose dwarf tomatoes to grow, because they suit to indoor condition.

#4 Carrots

Carrots can be grown in a pot easily. However, no matter how much your soil is good, you will need a good source of light (led grow lights) to grow all these veggies.

#5 Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms indoors is extremely easy and fast. You can grow mushrooms in pots, grow bags or your laundry container.

#6 Scallions

This scallions can grow well in water without soil.

#7 Green Beans

Green beans grow very tall and very fast with a good source of light. Sow the seeds in a pot, use some wood skewers to support the plants.

#8 Kale

Like spinach, both are very easy to grow. You can grow kale directly from seeds, in pots or grow bags (or bigger plastic bottles). Don’t let the soil dry and you are good to go.

#9 Bell Pepper

These bombs of vitamin C are extremely easy to grow indoors. You can grow them in pots, grow bags or plastic bottles. When fruits of bell pepper are ready, harvest immediately. Because the more you harvest, the plant will produce more another fruit.

#10 Arugula

Arugula prefer a cool temperature which makes them best to grow indoors. Sprinkle the seeds of arugula in a pot filled with potting mix. Water them and place the pot or your container under your source of light.

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