21 Best Indoor Vegetables Can Grow Well Under Light

21 Best Indoor Vegetables Can Grow Well Under Light

#11 Ginger

Ginger is very easy to grow. If you have some store-bought ginger at your home you can grow your own ginger.

#12 Onion

Onion is very easy to grow onion indoors. You can grow onions from seeds, but it is best to grow them from seedlings or from a scrap of store-bought.

#13 Beets

Beet is very beneficial for the patients of blood pressure. Choose a bigger container or grow bag for beets. Grow them directly from seeds. However, firstly, you have to soak the seeds overnight in water.

#14 Radish

It is one of the fastest-growing crops. Radish is a moisture-loving crop. So do not let the soil dry but do not overwater them, because nobody likes waterlogged soil.

#15 Mustard Green

Mustard green is are very beneficial and easy to grow as others. You can grow them in pots or any container available.

#16 Basil

Basil is one of the most common and easy growing herbs out there. Basil can be grown in pot or in plastic bottles.You can grow this herb directly from seeds, or use cuttings from store-bought basil.

#17 Rosemary

Rosemary is also very easy to grow indoors. For making your indoor garden more classy and beautiful, use mason jars for your all herbs.

#18 Oregano

Oregano can also be grown from cuttings of store-bought. When you feel the surface of the soil is dry, water the plant.

#19 Mint

Growing mint is very easy. Growing from store-bought mint is the easiest method. Pick some good green cuttings, plant them in potting soil, water them. After few days, they will be ready to harvest.

#20 Thyme

Growing thyme under light is very easy. You can grow thyme from store-bought cuttings. Water the plant when the soil feels dry.

#21 Microgreens

Microgreens have a lot more vitamins and are full of nutrients. Just need a short of period, from 5 to 7 days, you can have an indoor garden, full of microgreens. A microgreen is a very beautiful addition to your indoor garden.

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