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21 Creative Plastic Bottle Ideas for Garden and Backyard

We live in a world where everything is convenient, one of which is disposable everyday items. This leads to a lot of things that are harmful to the environment if not recycled properly such as cutlery to carrier bags, plastic bottles, and more. One of the effective ways to do our part is to recycle the disposable items we have. So, in the post today, we’ve got 21 Creative Plastic Bottle Ideas for the Garden and Backyard when you’ve drank all the water.

If milk jugs, water bottles, and soda pop bottles keep piling up in your recycling, the plastic bottle recycling ideas could help you put all that plastic to use. From children’s art projects, planters, and one-of-a-kind art that can come from an ordinary plastic bottle, there are lots of inspirations you and your kids will love trying. They may look ordinary, but with a little imagination, empty plastic bottles around your home can do anything from light up your garden to your backyard.

#1 Backyard Greenhouse

Source: Simplelifeofalady

#2 DIY Garden Lantern From A Plastic Bottle

Source: Muminthemadhouse

#3 Water Play Activity for Kids

Source: Stylesatlife

#4 Bird Feeder

Source: Lifehack

#5 Plastic Bottle Cap Paver

Source: Revistaartesanato

#6 DIY Plastic Bottle Flowers

Source: Thelinkssite

#7 Hanging Garden

Source: Priyanka Pethkar

#8 Easy DIY Platic Bottle Water Ring

Source: Simplelifeofalady

#9 Seedling Greenhouse

Source: Survivallife

#10 DIY Sun Catcher

Source: Crownandchaos

#11 DIY Wasp Trap

Source: Gardengatemagazine

#12 A Garden Light

Source: Instructables

#13 Recycled Raised Garden Bed

Source: Simplelifeofalady

#14 Self Watering Idea

Source: Sustainablenicafarming

#15 Garden Edging

Source: Simplelifeofalady

#16 Creative Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Idea

Source: Agreenhand

#17 Cheap Hanging Planters

Source: Hometalk

#18 Animal Shaped Flower Bed

Source: Manualidadeseli

#19 Beautiful Fence

Source: Re3org.blogspot

#20 Gaden Path Project

Source: Agatha Esterhuizen

#21 Christmas Tree

Source: Flickr

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