22 DIY Hanging Plant Ideas To Decorate Your House

22 DIY Hanging Plant Ideas To Decorate Your House

Finding ways to make your house more attractive in the eye of guests, you are on the right track. Here we’ve collected some ideas that you will fall in love with. And that is hanging planters. These ideas can brighten up any space in your home, whether it is outdoor or indoor, they promise to work well both. They are easy to waiting for you ahead, let’s spend your time checking them out!

These ideas are easy to make at home without requiring much effort. These ideas are so great for those who love creativity and have a skillful hand. Some of them can be inspired by old items such as old plastic bottles, ice cream cone, old milk carton, or coconut shell, and more. All of them are so interesting to place in your home, so try some at the upcoming weekend.

#1 Modern Hanging Planter

Not only does it have a chic look, but it is also very easy to make. It will give your house an attractive look.

#2 Ice Cream Cone Planter

Use the cone of ice cream and create an exotic ice cream cone planter.

#3 Coconut Hanging Planter

Another lovely rustic planter with some abstract painted-on details.

#4 Recycle Plastic Bottles

Are you ready to turn old plastic bottles into uniquely beautiful hanging planters? This idea is so cute when hanging them in your house.

#5 Leather and Clay Hanging Planters

Make these beautiful Scandinavian inspired hanging planters using just clay and leather cord. It is easy to make!

#6 Mini Planters

These cute and colorful planters are a great way to brighten up any dull corners in your home.

#7 Recycled Hanging Planter Made From Old Milk Carton

You can definitely create your own earth-friendly hanging garden at right your home. All you need is an old milk/juice carton, some rope, duct tape, and some scraps of canvas material.

#8 Hanging Copper Planter

It’s a low-maintenance update for your home that brings light and color.

#9 Plant Hanger From Fabric Strips

Instead of throwing an old can and scraps of fabric, repurpose your leftovers into this cool hanging planter.

#10 Hanging Planter Made With Plastic Fishbowls

Here is a beautiful hanging plant holder that you can create from plastic fishbowls.

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