22 Plants To Grow Side-By-Side In Your Garden

Why gardeners grow multiple plants at a time at one place? It helps in creating a beautiful garden. The green of tree leaves and blooming flowers come together. Nothing is perfect than that. Then you can immerse into the air and beauty of nature. I really enjoy this moment after a day at work. The other is that some plant combinations have power to help each other grow. Amazing, right?

Some plants grown side-by-side can even prevent pest problems. Let’s take garlic and rose as an example. The bulbs can repel pests in rose, making it grow and bloom better. I’ve tried it at my backyard and it actually worked. Roses are brighter and much prettier.

#1 Roses and Garlic

Do you know that bulbs can help to scare off rose pests? It makes the flowers grow better and bloom prettier.

#2 Tomatoes and Cabbage

Tomatoes can fight diamondback moth larvae, which triggers large holes in cabbage leaves.

#3 Cucumbers and Nasturtiums

Nasturtium’s vining stems can prevent cucumbers from bites of beetles.

#4 Corn and Beans

Beans attract helpful insects that control corn worms such as leafhoppers, fall armyworms, and leaf beetles.

#5 Lettuce and Tall Flowers

Lettuce best grows in light shade of tall flowers such as nicotiana (flowering tobacco) and cleome (spider flower).

#6 Radishes and Spinach

Growing radishes and spinach side by side can help repel leafminers in healthy leaves.

#7 Potatoes and Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum helps attract helpful insects, such as wasps with its tiny flowers. These control potato’s worms and other pests, making it grow better.

#8 Collards and Catnip

Growing catnip and collards side-by-side can prevent collards from flea-beetle damage. Catnip also scare off mosquitoes.

#9 Cabbage and Dill

Cabbages make dill floppy while dill attracts helpful wasps that repel cabbage worms and other pests.

#10 Marigolds and Melons

Certain marigold varieties control melon’s worms and other pests.

#11 Cauliflower and Dwarf Zinnias

The nectar from the dwarf zinnias attracts ladybugs and other helpful insects to protect cauliflower.

And, here are 22 plants to grow side-by-side in your garden. If you love gardening or just want to make full use of garden space, these are the way to go. Some are veggies, some are herbs, some are flowers, and some are fruits. You would get pleasure with your harvest season!

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