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23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Shelf Ideas

You have an old pallet and you want to throw it out! Don’t waste it because it can be reused in many useful ways. Welcome to 23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Shelf Ideas that help you can store a lot of stuff. They are easy to make, creative, useful, and suitable for any space of your home.

As you see in these pics, they are so versatile for all spaces from the towel racks to the storage solutions. They will give you a visually pleasing look or an easy storage place. Simply paint it according to the decor and style of your home interior, it would have a new look and become a unique decoration of your home design. All of these ideas here are utter practical and useful ideas for storage, organizing, and display purposes in any part of your home. It’s time to start with your old ladder right now!

#1 Pallet Towel Rack

Source: 1001pallets

#2 Pallet Shelf For Wall Art

Source: Minha Suculenta Colorida

#3 Pallet Shelf Shape Box

Source: Mobilehomeliving

#4 Pallet Shelf for Wine Storage

Source: Tumblr

#5 Pallet Shelf Corner Decoration

Source: Pinterest

#6 DIY Clock

Source: Goto.target

#7 A Small Pallet Shelf To Fit In A Small Bathroom

Source: John Houser

#8 Pallet Shelf For Teacups

Source: Trucsetbricolages

#9 DIY Pallet Shelf for Your Farmhouse Home

Source: Diycandy

#10 Rustic Double Wall Shelf

Source: Walmart

#11 Wine Rack Made of Pallet

Source: Etsy

#12 Wall Pallet Shelf Candle Holder

Source: Pinterest

#13 Pallet Shelf Blended Table

Source: Theidearoom

#14 Beachy Colorwashed Pallet Shelf

Source: Diana Duncan

#15 Nautical Decor

Source: Etsy

#16 Rustic Wall Pallet Shelf Decor

Source: Vitahemligheter

#17 Pallet Shelf To Store Kitchen Items

Source: Inspirationsdeco

#18 DIY Photo Display Idea

Source: Pinterest

#19 Outdoor Pallet Bar Idea

Source: Instagram

#20 Pallet Shelf Shoe Storage Solution

Source: Pinterest

#21 Pallet Shelf And Office Table Idea

Source: Blog.iazamoveisdemadeira

#22 Pallet Bookshelf

Source: Dumpaday

#23 Pallet Coat Rack

Source: Etsy

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