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23 Fantastic DIY Garden Markers You Should Try

Looking for incredibly simple yet fabulous DIY projects for your garden? This post is right up your street. It introduces 23 fantastic DIY garden markers you should try. All the plants prefer a marker of their own. It not only shows who they are but also adds more beauty to the garden. If you grow a variety of plants in your garden, this will be a “must”. It helps you care for them better and creates a barrier for each plant.

There is so much fun with gardening, guys. Let’s these garden markers do the trick. They are all inexpensive and super easy to make. Bricks, broken terra cotta pot, tea bags, wooden spoons,… these materials are available around your house. Just upcycle them into eye-catching plant markers instead of throwing away. You can even let your kids involve in these projects if they get interested. Ready to give them a go? Let’s get started!

#1 Tiny Picture Frame Plant Marker

These markers are made from tiny picture frames painted with chalkboard paint.

#2 Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Finding something to show off your painting skills? Give these wooden spoon garden markers a go!

#3 Rainbow Plant Marker

Such an interesting DIY project for kids!

#4 Wooden Spool Markers

An easy yet stylish way to add a new feature to your plant. Fun and easy, it’s enough for DIY.

#5 Mason Jar Lid Marker

Who do not love this pretty little marker for their garden plants?

#6 Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers

You can definitely make pretty cute garden markers out of aluminum duct tape.

#7 Upcycled Terra Cotta Pot Markers

Have no idea for what to make with broken terra cotta pot? Just turn it into unique plant markers.

#8 Repurposed Wooden Garden Markers

You can found the materials all around your home. They’re still pretty cute, right?

#9 Wine Cork Marker

One of the easiest way to reuse wine cork, right?

#10 Clay Markers

I just love these garden markers so bad. They’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor plants.

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