24 Brilliant And Easy DIY Wooden Crate Projects

24 Brilliant And Easy DIY Wooden Crate Projects

If there are some wooden crates around your home, let’s start with one of these 24 Brilliant And Easy DIY Wooden Crate Projects today. Especially, for those who are love DIY projects, they are great ideas. There are many options on what you can use with them, from planters, or furniture like bookcases, tables, benches, or turn them into storage solutions with loads of rustic appeal and so on. Keep reading this post for inspiration and find the perfect DIY project for your own.

Crates are an inexpensive, available medium for you to add functionality to your home and garden with a personal touch. So, all inspiring DIY wood crate projects and ideas below are easy and most of all budget-friendly. What’s more, they can be customized to fit your own style such as shabby chic, rustic, vintage, farmhouse, even contemporary. After going through the list, we are sure that you will know the possibilities to work with a simple wood crate can be endless. Save and try some!

#1 Crate Planters

Source: Bhg

#2 Outdoor Crate Decor Idea

Source: Planetflowers.blogspot

#3 Rustic Decor Home Idea

Source: Freshideen

#4 Crate Plant Stand For Balcony

Source: Thearchitectsdiary

#5 Easy DIY Wood Crate Desk

Source: Makingmanzanita

#6 Crate Flower Planters With Fall Decor Idea

Source: Elvira Sawatzky

#7 DIY Bookshelf

Source: Nihal Nas

#8 Crate Shoe Storage

Source: Womansday

#9 Easy Christmas Craft

Source: Blesserhouse

#10 Crate Bed

Source: Artesanato

#11 Vintage Bedroom Decor Idea

Source: Homebnc

#12 Crate Kitchen Storage Shelf

Source: Muramur

#13 Tractor Toy Box

Source: Thekeeperofthecheerios

#14 Crate Furniture

Source: Diyeverywhere

#15 DIY Crate Side Table for Easy Storage

Source: Jenniferrizzo

#16 Crate Coffee Table

Source: Reliable-remodeler

#17 Wooden Crate Parking Garage

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#18 Crate Bathroom Storage Shelf

Source: Jenna Devlin

#19 DIY Two-Tier Crate Fruit Stand

Source: Kj

#20 DIY Teen Room Decor Idea for Girls

Source: Raisingteenstoday

#21 Wood Crate Bar Cart

Source: Kim Mannel

#22 DIY Crate Wall

Source: Jasmine-roth

#23 Crate Lamp

Source: 1001pallets

#24 Hanging Lath Crate

Source: Northwestcraftsanddecor

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