24 Inspiring DIY Lamp And Chandeliers Ideas Made From Old Household Items

24 Inspiring DIY Lamp And Chandeliers Ideas Made From Old Household Items

You love decorating your home with lights, you’re going to adore our inspirational post. We are looking at 24 Inspiring DIY Lamp And Chandeliers Ideas Made From Old Household Items that will add personality and coolness to any room in your home. From empty tin cans, glass bottles, teacups to unused spoons, they can be turned into a wow factor and make the darkness a fun time as it becomes an excuse to use your DIY lighting!

When it comes to old and outdated materials, most of you will think of throwing them out. It is a waste if you do that. And the following lamps will prove that you can make a unique DIY lamp by putting to good use old items that have been collecting dust. You just spend some time cleaning them up and making sure they look nice, then making a new lamp using something old. They are easy and fast projects to do yourself. Save and try some!

#1 Tin Can Lamp

Source: Reveillezvosmeubles

#2 Spray Can Lamp

Source: Juxtapoz

#3 Strainer Lamp

Source: Flickr

#4 Glass Bottle Lamp

Source: Boredpanda

#5 Teacup Lamp

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#6 Spoon Lamp

Source: Casadevalentina

#7  Hanging Mason Jar Lamp

Source: Prettydesigns

#8 Driftwood Lamp

Source: Momooze

#9 Wood Skateboard For Decor Lights

Source: Gharpedia

#10 Bicycle Lamp

Source: Postila

#11 Bucket Lights

Source: Elise James

#12 Twig Lamp

Source: Difundir

#13 Glass Lamp

Source: Theinspiredroom

#14 Another Glass Lamp Idea

Source: Idlights

#15 Suspended Lamp Made Out Of Recycled Graters

Source: Recyclart

#16 Yardstick Lamp From Twigs

Source: Hammerlikeagirl

#17 Teapot Lamp

Source: Baronmag

#18 Kitchen Pot Lamp

Source: Panelaterapia

#19 Hanging Branch Lamp

Source: Kojatillslott

#20 Wood Box Lamp

Source: Tulpentag

#21 Old Books For New Lamp

Source: Curbly

#22 Mason Jar Lamp

Source: Marieclaire

#23 Another Driftwood Lamp

Source: Etsy

#24 Tree Stump Lamp

Source: Ekostaket

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