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24 Repurposed Old Wine Barrel Ideas For The Garden

Have you ever thought that old wine barrels in your home can become useful items? A fire pit, a planter, a water feature, and more, are a wide range of creative ideas that we will share today. If you love DIY projects, there is something for you. They will not only surely help you get some inspiration and motivation to include them in your next DIY project but also give you a rustic village-style brush in your garden that will delight you.

Most people love drinking wine so why not put the wine barrels to use instead of throwing out them! With these creative and easy ideas, you can reuse wine barrels and turn them into your own projects. So, keep the idea of wine close by creating something one of kind for your garden. Read on and find some you can try!

#1 Half-Barrel Planter

Source: Mydesiredhome

#2 Barrel Dining Table

Source: Decorsnob

#3 Barrel Succulent Planter

Source: Mydesiredhome

#4 Grow Lettuce In A Wine Barrel

Source: Gardentherapy

#5 Waterfall Coming Out Of A Wine Barrel

Source: Hometalk

#6 Wine Barrel Water Feature

Source: Balconygardenweb

#7 Wine Barrel Flower Containers

Source: Milbergernursery

#8 Wine Barrel Pond

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#9 Multi Tier Planter Box

Source: Decorhomeideas

#10 Hanging Wine Barrel Swing

Source: Etsy

#11 Wine Barrel Patio Furnitures

Source: Plantcaretoday

#12 Wine Barrel Lamp Posts

Source: Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

#13 A Wine Barrel Stand For Flower Pot

Source: Stylemepretty

#14 Outdoor Wine Barrel Chairs

Source: Lacavedourthe

#15 Railroad Barrel

Source: Anthonylinick

#16 Wine Barrel Ice Box For Outdoor Parties

Source: Homebnc

#17 Wheel Suspended Barrel Garden

Source: Giftspiration

#18 Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#19 Old Wine Barrel Fairy Garden

Source: Crowsfeetchic

#20 Wine Barrel Strawberry Planter

Source: Gardeningsoul

#21 Kinkade Lantern Wine Barrel Planter

Source: Scriptersnews

#22 Cat Repurposed Barrel Bed

Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

#23 Half Barrel Side Table

Source: Nekretninebl

#24 Boutique Street Posy Planter

Source: Vivaterra

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