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24 Winter Flowers To Add Vibrant Color To The Garden

If you feel bored about the dreary winter days, it’s time to consider adding some color to your garden with a few winter flowers. Although the winter season is bland and lacks vibrancy, just a few cheery blossoms that can make all the difference. And in the post today, we are so glad to share 24 Winter Flowers To Add Vibrant Color To The Garden that can thrive and produce wondrous blooms.

Most of these winter flowers are incredibly hardy and easy to maintain so whether you are not good at gardening, you just grow them with your basic care. In addition, they’re perennial, so you don’t need to waste time re-planting each season, they will provide color and texture year-round to liven up your living space. They are great options to enjoy natural color in the bleak garden of the cold season.

#1 Crocus

Image Credits: The Spruce

#2 Hellebore

Image Credits: Horticulture

#3 Dogwood

Image Credits: Tallahassee

#4 Snowdrop

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

#5 Camellia

Image Credits: Southern Living

#6 Witch Hazel

Image Credits: Garden Design

#7 Calendula

Image Credits: Harvest To Table

#8 Mahonia or Oregon Grape

Image Credits: Gardenia

#9 Viola

Image Credits: The Spruce

#10 Holly

Image Credits: Lolaflora

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