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25 Clever Home Decor Ways With Your Chopping Board

Who says you can’t decorate your living space with the simplest items, even using a cutting board? If you thought chopping boards were just for cutting vegetables, you thought wrong! A well-made cutting board can be just as easily turned into a display item or a gift. Here are the 25 Clever Home Decor Ways With Your Chopping Board you can make yourself. After reading the post, making your own DIY cutting board isn’t just a project for the kitchen anymore. It is also a new way to decorate your kitchen or any room.

If you are a beginner, cutting boards are a great woodworking project. They can be as simple as a hardwood board from the store cut in any size or shape, or a premade version that can be customized with a wood-burning tool. So here are 20 terrific DIY tutorials that will show you many different ways how to make a chopping board. Here, you’ll find everything from the basic instructions to tips on how to make your own cutting board special!

#1 Chopping Board Rack With Basket Wall Organizer Decor

Source: Ebay

#2 Styling a Kitchen Shelf

Source: Andersonandgrant

#3 Repurposed DIY Chopping Board Wall Decor

Source: Organizedclutter

#4 Creative Candle Holder

Source: Gailsdecorativetouch

#5 DIY Holiday Chopping Board

Source: Joannaanastasia

#6 Chopping Board for Serving Tray

Source: Honeynhydrangea

#7 Chopping Board Ipad Holder

Source: Thecottagemarket

#8 Farmhouse Milk Crate

Source: Craftbits

#9 Farmhouse Style Chopping Board Kitchen Hooks

Source: Organizedclutter

#10 Chopping Board Wall Rack

Source: Decorfacil

#11 Bucketful of Lavender

Source: Froghollowvintagedecor

#12 Cutting Board Home Decor Letter

Source: Etsy

#13 Farmhouse Lemon Cutting Board Decor

Source: Themakersmap

#14 DIY Cutting Board Christmas Decor

Source: Organizedclutter

#15 DIY Gallery Cutting Board Wall

Source: Dwkinteriors

#16 Bamboo Skewer DIY Cutting Board Decor

Source: Themakersmap

#17 Cutting Board Sconce With Flowers

Source: Caligirlinasouthernworld

#18 Succulent Display Idea

Source: Bhg

#19 Cutting Board Kitchen Wall Display

Source: Nicole Barksdale

#20 DIY Floating Shelf

Source: Hometalk

#21 “Home Sweet Home”

Source: Boardboutiqueco

#22 Key Holder

Source: Yourhomeandgarden

#23 Front Door Decor Welcome Wreath Idea

Source: Etsy

#24 Repurpose Wood Cutting Boards Into Farm-style Succulent Wall Art

Source: Hometalk

#25 Cutting Board For Taking Note

Source: Homestolove

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