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25 Fabulous Bee Hotels To Build In Your Garden

How does a bee hotel help with gardening? Not many of us is all clear about it. A bee hotel is built to attract solitary bees that live alone and build their nests in tiny places such as hollow stems and holes in wood. Unlike other bees, they do not make honey, and are usually peaceful, very reluctant to sting. These bees work as beneficial pollinators of crops and flowers. It means that the more solitary bees gather, the better your garden plants grow.

If you want to harvest more with your garden by using natural gardening methods, you should know this. A bee hotel contains materials that bees like to nest in, like wood drilled with holes, hollow bamboo stalks, and other materials that mimic the bees’ natural nesting areas. Its type varies, ranging from large and elaborate to small and simple. However, this doesn’t matter. These bees just need a hole to nest in. And, here are 25 fabulous bee hotels to build in your garden. Let’s check them out!


This bee house is in the kitchen garden of Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles


This bee hotel is a simple and fun DIY project for gardeners and kids that adds a new appearance to any garden space.


This gorgeous, rustic bee hotel sits in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.


This gorgeous bee house is made from tons of different materials. It offers lots of space for insects, complete with a living roof and chimney.


A bee hotel can be large, elaborate or small, simple, this cute little block house is enough for them.


This bee condo is made from bricks, bamboo stalks, and pieces of cinder block. It’s rustic and pretty cute.


Paired with beautiful succulents as a decoration, this bee condo would be striking in your garden.


This is an ideal house for any pollinator, right? It’s placed in the flower garden and made with rustic natural materials.


This is a great example of large and elaborate bee hotels. It also offers space for other small creatures like butterflies, amphibians, and ladybugs.


This gorgeous little bee hotel sits in London parks. 

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