25 Lovely Miniature Vegetables and Fruits

25 Lovely Miniature Vegetables and Fruits

Have you ever tried growing miniature vegetables? Beyond the fact that they’re cute, small, and compact vegetables they offer a variety in a small space with several benefits to the gardener. such as variety in a small space, extending your growing season both indoors and outdoors, being perfect for kids, mini is mighty. That is the reason why we’ve rounded the 25 Lovely Miniature Vegetables and Fruits that you will love planting in your garden or living space.

Like other popular vegetables, all are easy to grow with basic care. You can grow them for both fresh foods that you can harvest for a long time and decorating purposes when growing inside. If you have an empty space on the windowsill in the bedroom, living room, kitchen room, surely you are own great another property right in your living space. In addition, they will make your space lively more with their natural beauty and use. No matter when you need a certain type of vegetable for the dish without going to the garden because they are always ready to serve.

#1 Green Onion

Source: Sandyathome

Green Onion is not only green easy to grow and quick maturing too, but you can easily regrow them from scraps.

#2 Biquinho Yellow Pepper

Source: Sproutedgarden

Biquinho Yellow Pepper produces tiny, bright yellow peppers that make a beautiful ornamental plant in among your flower beds or even as a houseplant inside.

#3 Tennis Ball Lettuce

Source: Sagegarden

The Lettuce has the size of a tennis ball, hence the name. It has light green leaves that ball loosely.

#4 Orange Hat Tomato

Source: Secretseedcartel

Orange Hat Tomato is a gorgeous edible ornamental plant and can grow about 9 inches tall. You can grow it in your flower beds or even your window boxes

#5 Little Gem Lettuce

Source: Theseedcollection

Little Gem Lettuce produces small, compact heads. It can grow well both indoors and outdoors in a windowsill and a window planter.

#6 Hedou Bok Choy

Source: Rareseeds

Hedou Bok Choy is a tiny veggie around 2-3 inches wide, so you really can plant them just about anywhere you’ve got a spare bit of soil.

#7 Mini Bell Peppers

Source: Thegreenconspiracy

Mini Bell Peppers produces the little peppers for a long time with thin-walled.

#8 Micro Tom Tomato

Source: Living4media

The Micro Tom Tomato just grows around 8” tall making it is a perfect option for containers or pots. This veggie is a good producer and a quick producer of fruit.

#9 Parisienne Carrots

Source: Gardenhunt

The Parisienne Carrots type has exceptionally small sizes. They are easier to grow and not fussy about where it ends up getting planted, even you can grow them in heavy soil.

#10 Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant

Source: Asiaseeds

Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant only has bite-sized eggplant that is roughly 1” in diameter with thin skin. Like other dwarf varieties, the veggie is a heavy producer.

#11 Babybeat

Source: Johnnyseeds

Babybeat is easy to grow. It is a great option for a colorful garden

#12 Nana Alba Lavender

Source: Gardentags

Nana Alba Lavender is a compact, 10”-12” tall variety. Besides, this little English variety of lavender still has a distinct lavender smell.

#13 Chinese Broccoli

Source: Sarabackmo

The Chinese Broccoli is easier to grow than regular broccoli and takes up less room.

#14 Minnesota Midget Melon

Source: Wildroseheritageseed

Minnesota Midget Melon has a compact with vines reaching around 3’ to 4’, and the melons themselves around 4” across.

#15 Jack Be Little Pumpkins

Source: Lessnoise-moregreen

Jack Be Little Pumpkins are tiny. Maybe they are a favorite option for your kids in gardening. They are easy to grow by sowing from seeds.

#16 Tom Thumb Lettuce

Source: Sweetyards

Tom Thumb Lettuce is a common dwarf variety of lettuce with bun-sized lettuce leaves.

#17 Tokinashi Turnip

Source: Grasstoveggies

The Tokinashi Turnip has bite-sized. They are easy to grow and have a great taste that you want to try growing.

#18 Tennessee Dancing Gourd

Source: Kidseedco

Tennessee Dancing Gourd can be considered a great ornamental variety for your space with a cute little gourd. Plus, one plant will produce hundreds of tiny gourds.

#19 Cucamelon

Source: Zoom50

Cucamelon is much smaller than a traditional cucumber but these little foods are fun to grow and pick, you will love eating right in the garden. Give them trellis to encourage them to grow vertically for your limited space.

#20 Tom Thumb Peas

Source: Organiccatalogue

Tom Thumb Peas are tiny little plants that can grow well both indoors and outdoors. They will make you amazed by how prolific they are.

#21 Picolino Cucumber

Source: Johnnyseeds

Picolino Cucumber has thin skin and great taste. When they’re between 4”-5” long, you should pick them for the best flavor.

#22 Dwarf Blue Curled Vates Kale

Source: Southernexposure

The Dwarf Blue Curled Vates Kale can grow well into the winter. Dwarf blue curled vates are a compact 12”, making this the perfect container kale.

#23 Birds Eye Pepper

Source: Amazon

Birds Eye Pepper is small and compact, making them ideal for growing in containers. Its tiny red peppers pop up all over the plant, making it look like decorations all over it.

#24 Greek Dwarf Basil

Source: Joyusgarden

Although Greek Dwarf Basil is small, its leaves pack a serious flavor punch that you will love to add to your range of dishes such as pasta, tea, or a few fun cocktails.

#25 Lemon Summer Squash

Source: Underwoodgardens

Lemon Summer Squash is a great candidate for limited space. You can grow them easily and train them in a trellis. They can easily be trained to grow in a tomato cage as well.

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