25 Most Beautiful Ornamental Grasses For Garden

25 Most Beautiful Ornamental Grasses For Garden

Grass is commonly seen as unwanted cover crop that spread all over vacant land. Some will be weeded when you grow a new crop while some are ploughed into the and are called “green manure” crops. But the point is many grasses are stunning natural garnishes, both fresh and dried. You’ve seen beautiful wreaths made of grasses, right? They look pretty when hang on your door or put on your head. Many young girls love taking pictures with a rustic grass wreath on their head. Look like a muse.

In this post, I’m glad to share 25 most beautiful ornamental grasses for garden. If you are seeking something eye-catching and easy-to-care to grow in your garden, just give these a try. They are actually grasses but offer more than that. They grasp our eyes with their appearance. They will become the star of your garden when coming into their time. They’re also a good companion for other plants, flowers, for instance. Ready to give them a look? Here we go!

#1 Feather Reed Grass

Feather reed grass comes first in this collection.  It has a nice architectural shape and also offers a distinct upright habit that looks fantastic all winter long.

#2 Cord Grass

This beautiful grass can thrive in moist, or even wet, soils. That’s what makes it ideal to grow alongside of a pond or stream.

#3 Purple Millet

You will fall in love with rich purple foliage that look like fuzzy cattails of purple millet. This grass is beautiful, then appealing to birds.

#4 Japanese Forest Grass

Featuring brightly colored foliage, Japanese forest grass surely lights up shady corners.

#5 Switch Grass

Switch grass is known for its airy plumes in late summer and fall. It looks great during the season.

#6 Blue Oat Grass

This grass makes a name for itself with its  beautiful silvery-blue color. It won’t spread and take over your garden like many other grass as it has mounded habit.

#7 Little Bluestem

Little Bluestem grass features gray-green leaf blades that turn bold shades of purple, red, and orange in autumn.

#8 Maiden Grass

Maiden grass is one of the most common grasses with arching foliage . It is big, beautiful, and easy to grow.

#9 Northern Sea Oats

Another beautiful fast-spreading grass for your garden decor.

#10 Hair Grass

Hair grass comes in shade of golden, silver, purple, and green.

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