26 Creative DIY Ideas Using Old Picture Frames

26 Creative DIY Ideas Using Old Picture Frames

There are some picture frames around your home and you don’t know how to use them because they all are too old-fashioned. Instead of throwing them, save them and make something special to decorate the home by creating your own version with the brilliant ideas today! In the list below, you will see the 26 different DIY ways how you can use your old picture frames and make amazing home decorations. They are creative and easy that anyone can make at home.

Scrolling down, having so many things you can make with them, right? And the possibilities are endless! From DIY framed jewelry and earring organizer to cool frame flower pockets, to even DIY bathroom storage solutions, your old picture frames can be your new best-kept secret when it comes to decorating on a budget. If you are interested in them, check out details more, and then spend the upcoming weekend getting crafty with some of these awesome handmade decor projects.

#1 Blank Wall Decor Idea

Source: Manyroots

#2 DIY Framed Jewelry and Earring Organizer

Source: Martysmusings

#3 Fashion Photo Frame Wall Clock

Source: Coolcreativity

#4 DIY Picture Frame Desk Organizer

Source: Findingdelight

#5 DIY Build A Terrarium

Source: Hubpages

#6 Upcycled Picture Frame Flower Pocket

Source: Singlegirlsdiy

#7 DIY Picture Frame Tray

Source: Thriftyandchic

#8 DIY Picture Frame Christmas Wreath Idea

Source: Lisa Willes

#9 Photo Display Picture Frame

Source: Affordable & Unique Home Accents

#10 Old Picture Frames Wall Flower Arrangement

Source: News.homehacks

#11 Turn A Picture Frame Into A Coastal Serving Tray

Source: Interiorfrugalista

#12 Turn Old Frames into a Lantern

Source: Myrepurposedlife

#13 Mark Plants In The Garden

Source: Hometalk

#14 DIY Monogram Picture Frame With Family Quote

Source: Decorhomeideas

#15 Picture Frame Table

Source: Acultivatednest

#16 Key Holder

Source: Hannah Arrigoni

#17 DIY Black and White Wall Art

Source: Whipperberry

#18 DIY Flower Wall Art With Picture Frames

Source: Worldinsidepictures

#19 The Frame Vase

Source: Curbly

#20 DIY Vertical Frame Garden

Source: Hgtv

#21 Framed Flowers

Source: Hometalk

#22 Succulent Pictures

Source: Flickr

#23 Shabby Beach Cottage Framed Seashells

Source: Trash2treasure

#24 Towel Bar from Frames

Source: Robolady.blogspot

#25 Old Wood Picture Frames Beach Decor

Source: Wwwourunexpectedjourney

#26 Old Wooden Picture Frame Fall Decor

Source: Fantasticviewpoint

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