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26 DIY Kid Toy Storage Idea

Your kids have tons of stuffed animals, cars, and other toys, so many that they just don’t fit on the bed. You are trying to keep the home organized and clutter-free is how to neatly and efficiently store all the kid’s toys. You want your kids to enjoy their toys but you also want the house stays mess-free once they are done playing, and the toys to stay clean and in good condition. How to do that? By taking inspiration from the 26 DIY Kid Toy Storage Idea and everything in their place and saying goodbye to clutter.

These DIY stuffed animal organizer plans are super simple to make and many of them use materials that you probably have on hand. From old wood crates and shoe organizers to tire car displays, you are going to find the perfect way to display and store all of those toys. Whether your kids have 10 or 100 toys to store, you are going to find a great solution, and DIY projects are what you are all about, right? What’s more, these creatively simple DIY organizers are made out of cheap materials but they also really get the job done in a decorative way!

#1 Wood Crate Parking Garage

Source: Littlewhitehouseblog

#2 Repurposed Shoe Organizer

Source: Mylittlemoppet

#3 Wall Decorating with Toy Cars

Source: Soumae

#4 Cardboard Box Toy Storage

Source: Frauschweizer

#5 Parking Tree

Source: Ana Maria Abad Macias

#6 Hot Wheels Tire Shelf- DIY Plans

Source: Beautifulfightwoodworking

#7 Lovely Toy Nets

Source: Etsy

#8 Wire Basket Nightstand

Source: Epbot

#9 Hang it up

Source: Hometalk

#10 Laundry Bag Idea

Source: Onecrazyhouse

#11 Hat Box Stuffed Animal Storage

Source: Diyncrafts

#12 Nerf Gun Wall

Source: Lewisshenanigans

#13 Painted Metal Baskets For Organizing Stuffed Animals

Source: Dagmara Ciliano

#14 DIY Stuffed Animal Swing Storage

Source: Homebnc

#15 Stuffed Animal Corner Cage

Source: Downredbuddrive

#16 Stuffed Anima Hammock Storage

Source: Arielle

#17 Bucket Storage

Source: Thepolohouse.blogspot

#18 DIY Laundry Sorter Baskets

Source: Joann

#19 Colorful Storter

Source: Thediycenter.tumblr

#20 Old Ladder Toy Organizing Idea

Source: Diyncrafts

#21 Stuffed Animal Chair

Source: Threadridinghood

#22 DIY Branch Swing Shelves

Source: Gardentherapy

#23 Old Tire Shelves

Source: Revistaartesanato

#24 Old Plant Hanger Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

Source: Diyinspired

#25 The Chain Hanger

Source: Epbot

#26 DIY Rolling Toy Storage Ottoman

Source: Chaoticallycreative

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