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27 Creative Hanging Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

It’s time to flaunt your creativity by crafting these fun and easy Hanging Decoration Ideas for Outdoor spaces. These ideas will give your garden a playful look. They’re great to hang on the outside wall or on the backyard fence year-round. A spectacular oasis to enjoy a day in and day out, it has never been so simple as that with these ideas below.

If you love getting creative, these things include things both homemade and DIY using upcycled items that you will love trying. You can make them easily in the span of a single afternoon to add something special to your outdoor space. From the tinkle of wind chimes in the breeze, or a mini verticle vegetable garden that grows fresh herbs in a small space, or lighting up the garden with twinkling lights at night, here has something for everyone and every space. Check them out!

#1 Creating A Garden Jellyfish

Source: Amsterdamgreenhouses

#2 Recycled Rainbow Windsock

Source: Twigandtoadstool

#3 Hanging Lantern Candle

Source: Onekindesign

#4 Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Source: Hometalk

#5 String Light Snowflakes

Source: Wayfair

#6 Flower Pot with Frame On Branch

Source: Aurore Ateliers

#7 Hanging Frames

Source: Blog.venuelook

#8 Hanging Glass Bottles with Flowers

Source: Freshideen

#9 DIY Romantic Floral Swing

Source: EvaIza

#10 DIY Flower Chandelier

Source: Hometalk

#11 Hanging Bird Feeders Made From Cups

Source: Revistacasaejardim

#12 It’s Pouring

Source: Clau

#13 Flower Pot In A Frame

Source: Lisa Gause

#14 Fireplace Plant Garden

Source: Brenda O’Leary

#15 Hanging Painted Tin Can Flower Planters

Source: Dekoideenreich

#16 Wagon Wheel Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: Etsy

#17 A Pretty Recycling Hanging Planter

Source: Dengarden

#18 Watering Can Decor with Lights

Source: Gardeners

#19 Hanging Clay Pots On Fence

Source: NCYP Garden

#20 Beautiful Flower Pots On An Old Tree Stump

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#21 Hanging Vegetable Basket

Source: Bhg

#22 Light Bulb Decor Hanging Planter

Source: Etsy

#23 Saddle Oyster Wind Chime

Source: Etsy

#24 Flower Pots On Branch

Source: Blog.hooksandlattice

#25 Hanging Vertical Garden

Source: Onekindesign

#26 Fairy Garden Wreath

Source: Createcraftlove

#27 DIY Hanging Bee Craft Garden Decoration

Source: Haus

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