27 Impressive Modern Garden Design Ideas

27 Impressive Modern Garden Design Ideas

A modern house needs a modern garden. Even when you are not an architect, you still understand why, right? Their styles are consistent. By doing so, the house and the garden, individually, create an attractive harmony in design. You can find many houses out there that have a beautiful modern garden.

Here are 27 impressive modern garden ideas I would like to share today. If you are living in a modern house or want to “upgrade” your garden with modern styles, these are right up your street. They are modern and simple yet beautiful. You still get relaxed when staying here. Ready to give them a look?

1. Lush & Modern Outdoor Look with Built-in Bench and Table

2. Landscape Rooftop Garden Design

3. Inspiring Small Modern Garden Designs with Bench, Table, Plants, and String Lights

4. Modern Garden Edges

5. A Chic South-Facing Contemporary Family Garden

6. Modern Garden with Built-In Planter and Bench

7. Modern Garden with Stone Gravel Planted Beds

8. Greenery Small Outdoor Garden Space

9. Stylish Garden with A Small Pond

10. Rough Metal Garden

11. A City Sanctuary with Down-to-Earth Planting and Sky-High Schemes

12. Modern Long Narrow Garden

13. Modern Garden with Wooden Benches

14. Breath New Life into the Garden

15. Highgate Family Garden

16. A Beautiful Garden with Green Hue

17. Modern Garden with Fire Pit

18. A Beautiful Boxy Garden

19. Modern Garden with Lighting

20. Impressive Patio Garden Design

21. Modern Garden with A Water Feature and a Sunken Seating Area

22. New Wave of Asian-Inspired Garden!

23. Inspiring Small Garden Design

24. Modern Backyard Garden Idea

25. Inspired Outdoor Courtyard!

26. Chic, Modern Garden

27. Modern Garden with Lighting

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