28 Creative And Unique DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

28 Creative And Unique DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

Love collecting jewelry? But then, you have to find ways to store them. If you’re not careful, it can too easily turn into clutter, even some can be fragile. No matter how much you organize them, you do not get them when we need them the most. And finding the right place to keep them is a conundrum! Don’t worry, you are reading a useful post to have ideas for re-organizing and protecting your jewelry.

These ideas here have many options to fit your all spaces, from drawers to walls, concealed or displays. Whether you are looking for any ideas, these jewelry storage ideas will totally revolutionize your closet as desired. What’s more, they all come with very minimal cost and are easy to make at your home. Try out these easy ideas at home today.

#1 Cheese Graters for Earrings

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#2 Old Wood Jewelry Holder

Source: Thebalancedguru

#3 Wine Cork Jewelry Display

Source: Iwanttoberecycled.tumblr

#4 Vintage Tennis Racket Earring Holder

Source: Bungalowbungahigh

#5 Board Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

Source: Shelterness

#6 DIY Peg Board Jewelry Holder

Source: Economize.catracalivre

#7 DIY Jewelry Hanger Made With Shower Curtain Hooks And A Painted Wooden Dowel

Source: Sharon Kay

#8 Window Frame Earring Hanger

Source: Todayifoundyou

#9 Old Rake Jewelry Holder

Source: Brit

#10 Wine Corks Jewelry Holder

Source: Gracedruecke

#11 Hang Earrings Against Your Closet

Source: Hometalk

#12 Gold Frame Jewelry Holder

Source: Stelladot

#13 Hang Earring Organizer On Wall

Source: Offbeathome

#14 Wooden Trays To Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Source: Sincerelyyoursjamie

#15 Old Frame Jewelry Storage

Source: Itsoverflowing

#16 Driftwood Jewelry Holder

Source: Thinkingcloset

#17 Hanging Branch Jewelry Holder

Source: Lifewithmar

#18 DIY Jewelry Tea Cups

Source: Thesummeryumbrella

#19 Blue Dresser with Jewelry Drawers

Source: Decorpad

#20 Gold Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder

Source: Diyhoard.tumblr

#21 Burlap Earring Holder

Source: Circa19xx

#22 Old Door DIY Jewelry Holder

Source: Aimeeweaverdesigns

#23 A Vintage Ring Organizer

Source: Hometalk

#24 DIY Earring Holder Using Popsicle Sticks

Source: Alexis hirney

#25 Wood Slice For Ring Storage

Source: Miranda riccardi

#26 Necklace Tree

Source: Sunny Sky

#27 DIY Cake Stand Jewelry Display

Source: Sarahortega

#28 Christmas With Driftwood Trees And Jewelry Hangers

Source: Hometalk

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