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28 DIY Creative And Useful Wine Cork Ideas For Decorating Your Home

If you love DIY projects, Using wine corks is an excellent way. They are collected after each party with family and friends ends. Instead of tossing them away, you can create a wide range of useful household items at no cost. With materials made from softwood, easy to shape, long-lasting, wine corks can become completely unique decorations. Check out these creative DIY ideas with wine corks, and most of these projects you could easily DIY yourself to enhance your living space.
28 DIY Creative And Useful Wine Cork Ideas For Decorating Your Home
All ideas with inspired wine corks are so cute, interesting, and cheap, and they can give a special charm to your home decoration. As you can see in our inspired pictures, wine corks can be used in many different projects. You can take advantage of them like a chandelier to make your home more attractive, even you can transform them into cute planters, and more. Save them and try some with us!

#1 Wine Cork Planter

Source: Topinspired

#2 Wine Cork Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source: Amagicalmess

#3 Wine Cork Board

Source: Girljustdiy

#4 Wine Cork Frame

Source: Homesthetics

#5 Wine Cork Wreath

Source: Etsy

#6 Wine Cork Craft Cell Phone Holder

Source: Ideadesigncasa

#7 Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Source: Eucapricho

#8 Wine Cork Bird House

Source: Yonnie Smith

#9 Wine Cork Fruit Basket

Source: Homelysmart

#10 Wine Cork Garden Marker

Source: Zahradkar


Source: Susan Marquez

#12 DIY Wine Cork Letter “L.”

Source: Meredith Mons

#13 Wine Cork Planted Pot

Source: Reciclaredecorar

#14 Wine Cork Hooks

Source: Gracedruecke

#15 Wine Cork Table

Source: Jvdsleen

#16 Wine Cork Clock

Source: Pinterest


Source: Gudsol

#18 Metal Wall Bar and Wine Cork Holder

Source: Squantradingcompany

#19 Wine Cork Container

Source: Archzine

#20 Cork Bowl

Source: Livedan330

#21 Wine Cork Flower Vase

Source: Dicasdemulher

#22 DIY wine Cork Coasters/Mats

Source: Wohnidee.wunderweib

#23 Wine Bottle Cork Chandelier

Source: Miss Disposed

#24 Repurposed Wine Cork Tissue Box Cover

Source: Ewa

#25 Christmas Ornaments To Decorate The Tree

Source: Parents

#26 Wine Cork Wind Chimes

Source: Sarahracha

#27 Recycled Cork Lamp

Source: Behance

#28 Corkball

Source: Flickr

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