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28 Lovely DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

Do you want to make the limited space in your home more functional and interesting? If you are finding some special for your house, you are in the right place to find the answer. In this article today, we will share 28 lovely DIY hanging planter ideas to decorate the indoors more attractive than ever.

With these ideas here, you will easily make at home by the help of these creative DIY plant hanger. You can buy any store, even can reuse old ropes. And then you can grow plants vertically without using the floor space of your urban home. It’s time to hang pots on walls and roofs using ropes and strings for a creative green display for your house right now!

#1 Jewelry Box Planters

Use empty wooden jewelry boxes as planters and hang them using a small gold chain.

#2 Vertical Plant Hanger

Make this vertical planter with the help of scrap wood, terra cotta pots, rope, and metal rings.

#3 Floating Shelf

Display faux succulent or grow real ones in this beautiful floating planter.

#4 Crochet Plant Hanger

All you need are wood beads, a macramé cord, a crochet hook, and a planter for this DIY.

#5 Crescent Moon Hanging Planter

With the help of air-dry clay, strong cotton rope, Kebab skewer, and round cork boards, you can make this one easily.

#6 Plywood Hanging Planter

Use basic geometrical patterns to create awesome designs.

#7 Macramé Plant Hanger

Easy to make and beautiful to look at, this Macramé Plant Hanger is perfect for any room.

#8 Recycled Upside Down Planters

This fun project lets you recycle tin cans, plastic resealable lid, or plastic liter soda bottles as planters.

#9 Upcycled Plant Hangers

Take the help of this DIY to use your empty lotion bottles as planters!

#10 Wooden Air Plant Pendant

All you need is a veneer, plywood, wood glue, and few other supplies to make this planter.

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