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28 Lovely DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

#11 Woven Hanging Planters

These woven hanging planters take less space and look great with vining plants.

#12 Cement Hanging Planters

Get creative and make your own planters in FolkArt painted finishes in concrete.

#13 Slouchy Leather Sling Planter

These leather sling planters are a great way to add a rustic charm to your rooms.

#14 Macramé Plant Hanger with Gold Plant Stand

The elegant white shade of the planter matches really well with the grand hue of the gold stand.

#16 Wall Hanging Planter

Hang terra cotta pot in a wooden plank suspended with the help of a vinyl-coated wire.

#17 Industrial Hanging Planter of Metal

Introduce an industrial look indoors with the help of metal and plastic hanging planters.

#18 Coconut Hanging Planter

If you want a different looking planter, then you must try this one.

#19 Simple DIY Planter

If you want a no-fuss planter that gets made in a jiffy, then this one is for you!

#20 Hanging Plant Lamp

Combine the look of a hanging planter with a beautiful pendant lamp!

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