30 Beautiful Edible Flowers For Your Garden

Did you know that some flowers serve for both garnishing and culinary purposes? They not only create a charming balance for your garden but also work with your cooking. Their blossoms or leaves can be added to salads or stir-fry. If you prefer homegrown foods or love gardening, you should give these flowers a spot in your garden. If it is lack of room, you can grow these flowers in the containers. They may attract butterflies, bees and birds to your garden, making it more beautiful.

We’ve rounded up 30 beautiful edible flowers for your garden. If you are seeking flowers that offer more than others, these are right up your street. Chamomile, chives, clover, dandelions, daylilies… are all gathered here. Many of them have long been popular with us and grown in your garden already. The point here is you do not know that some of their parts are edible and how to proceed them. Just scroll down to know more!

#1 Clover

Both red clover and white clover are edible. Their flowers taste sweet, making them a great addition to baked goods. You can also dry then ground these flowers to make flour.

#2 Chamomile

We are no longer strange to chamomile. It’s a simple relaxing herbal tea, and can also be used add a warm, sunny floral flavor to baked goods.

#3 Bachelors Buttons

Bachelors buttons are known for their bright blue edible flowers with a mild grassy flavor. But the green parts are much less pleasant.

#4 Chives

Chive is also introduced here. Its greens add an onion flavor, and serve as a perfect topping for a baked potato. Chive blossoms are also edible, and while they taste similar, they do have a flavor all of their own.

#5 Begonias

Begonias offer a bright citrus taste and a hint of sour, and are quite versatile. These edible flowers can be eaten alongside savory or sweet dishes equally well. The stalks can be cooked like rhubarb.

#6 Dandelion

All parts of dandelion are edible. The greens can be cooked, or eaten raw. Dandelion roots are cooked, or dried, roasted and then ground into a dandelion coffee substitute. The flowers are often turned into old fashioned dandelion wine.

#7 Black Locust

Black Locust produces fragrant white blossoms in the late spring and early summer. These are edible and you can pick a few to make black locust fritters!

#8 Bee Balm

Bee balm is one of the easiest-growing flowers for your garden. There are many ways to eat them, from tea to salad topper. These beautiful edible flowers also serve for medicinal purposes, with antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties. They’re commonly used to treat colds, flu, coughs, digestive upset, bloating, nausea and menstrual cramps.

#9 Angelica

The beautiful flowers of Angelica are themselves edible, and you can eat them right out in the garden.

#10 Carnations

If you grow carnation plants without using any chemicals in an organic manner, you can eat its bright flowers.

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