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30 Best Beautiful Blue Flowers To Grow In Your Containers

30 Best Beautiful Blue Flowers To Grow In Your Containers

#21 Beth’s Blue

Image Credits: Garden.org

Beth’s Blue provides a profusion of star-shaped blue flowers with a yellow center. Growing it in containers, use well-drained soil and place the pots in full sun to partial shade.

#22 Delphinium

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Delphinium grows well in a medium to small size container. It has a true rare blue color.

#23 Iris

Image Credits: Flickr

Iris prefers sunny spots and water frequently but only when it needs.

#24 Clematis

Image Credits: Gardenersworld

You can easily grow Clematis in a large container with full sun, water well.

#25 Lobelia

Image Credits: Crocus

You can grow lobelia in small containers, spilled flower pots, and hanging baskets.

#26 Swan River Daisy

Image Credits: Decorhomeideas

Swan River Daisy forms stunning blossoms and combines well with other flowers to make a fun pop color in your container.

#27 Sea Holly

Image Credits: Coolgarden.me

The flower is an ideal choice for those who love blue blooms during summer. It can thrive to 6-18 inches tall in sandy soil under full sun.

#28 Cornflower (Bachelor’s Button)

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Cornflower is wildflower but it is an excellent addition to your container garden.

#29 Himalayan Blue Poppy

Image Credits: Garden Manage

Himalayan Blue Poppy shines with large cool blue flowers and hairy leaves. It has a stunning array of yellow centers that pairs gorgeously with the outer petals.

#30 Columbine

Image Credits: Hgvt

Columbine has a beautiful bell-shaped blue-white flower with yellow stamen floating on dark green foliage that turns maroon in fall, it looks adorable in containers. It prefers full sun but doesn’t like too hot summer days.

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