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30 Brilliant Ideas For Tire Planters

I love growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs in containers even when my garden has enough room for them. The reason is simple. They save a lot of space and are easy to remove (from outside to outside, sunny place to shady place,..). They also make my house more stylish. Old tire planters are what I often choose. They are bigger containers and are fun to decorate. My kids and I can paint them with colors of my favorite. Perfect!

Here are 30 brilliant ideas for tire planters I would like to share you guys. If you love gardening or simply want to make your home “greener”, just give these a go. Hanging tire planter, stack garden tire planter, pastel tire planter, blooming planter,.. there are many for you to try. It’s warm outside. Why don’t you add new breeze to your house? Flowers will bloom and vegetables will work with daily cooking.

#1 Stacked Garden Tire Planters

A pretty cool wall featuring different plants. Don’t forget to paint your tire planters with different colors. This surely makes them more striking in your garden or backyard.

#2 Flower Teacups

If you are a fan of tea cups, just make a tire version for them. Painted with pink, this planter is a perfect place for flowers.

#3 Tire Garden

A mini garden where you plant vegetables for family cooking. It’s one of the easiest things to reuse old tire and suitable for small garden or backyard.

#4 Used Tire Pot

You can add so much more character to your garden or any outdoor living space with this planter. Vegetables and herbs are great to grow in here.

#5 Tire Art

Your kids would go crazy for this tire art. Can can play here all the morning. This DIY project requires a bit more effort and skills to finish.

#6 Park Tire Pot

Something reminds me of my summer time at my grandma’s house. She and I grew different flowers in these tire pot. They bloom and become striking in the garden.

#7 Tire Vegetable Garden

You can definitely make a vegetable garden with old tires. Place them together in line, fill with soil and plant vegetables.

#8 Terrace Tire

It’s an interesting DIY project for those love bonsai art. You can place this tire planter in the patio or porch. It would grasp the eyes of any passing by.

#9 Hanging Tire Planter

I have this hanging tire planter in my house. It’s not only a flower planter but also a feature of my house.

#10 Flamingo Tire Planter

You can create a fun flamingo planter right at home. Such an amazing idea!

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