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30 Chic Green Nail Designs To Add To Your Radar

Have you ever put green shades and patterns on your nails? They are quite strange and fashionable and are supposed to work with fashionistas only. That’s why many people even never think of trying them once. But the unpopular green can also be cute and elegant. The point here is to choose the right green shade and combine it with pretty details. Then, you will get a new stunning nail look with green accents. Perfect!

The collection below is about 30 chic green nail designs to add to your radar. If you want to give your nails a new refresh, these are right up your street. The green color is warm and friendly, making it easy to raise your mood. It’s worth mentioning that some of these designs are pretty easy for you to proceed with at home. A little bit of patience and cleverness will do the trick. Let’s check them out!

1. Simple, Elegant Green Stiletto Nails

2. Classy Green Almond Nails with Gold Accents

3. Emerald Green and Gold Stiletto Nail Design

4. Gorgeous Dark Green Stiletto Nails

5. Chic Green and Gold Square Nail Design

6. Geometric Green and Gold Square Nails

7. Cute Abstract Green Nail Design

8. Cute Green Almond Nails with Glitter

9. Cutest Green Natural Nail Design with Gold Accents

10. Olive Green Coffin Nails with Fall Leaves

11. Green Yin Yang Nail Design

12. Chic Green Marble Almond Nails

13. Eye-Catching Abstract Green Almond Nails

14. Elegant Green Square Nails

15. Almond Nude Nails Design with Green Leave Patterns

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