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30 Colorful Houseplant To Boost Curb Appeal In The Home

To help you add a dash of tints and hues to the home look diverse and outstanding more, this post today will share 30 Colorful Houseplant to Boost Curb Appeal in The Home that you surely will fall in love with them. They come in different unique looks to bring beauty and practicality to any landscape. Also, they all are easy to grow with the least possible care that makes them become perfect choices for those who haven’t much experience in gardening.

Giving them a look, you will see they are amazing and alluring plants from rich textures, varied colors, to showy blooms, all make a dramatic impact in any of your containers, pots, or garden designs. Not just that, the leaves of these plants have very unique and interesting structures, so does the color variant. Adding more personality and uniqueness to indoors with the world of these colorful houseplants today is a perfect choice. Check out the pictures and pick your favorite one!

#1 Rex Begonia

Source: Thespruce

#2 Coleus

Source: Bunnings

#3 Poinsettia Gold

Source: Westcoastgardens

#4 Chenille

Source: Plantingman

#5 Prayer Plant

Source: Thehealthyhouseplant

#6 Crown of Thorns

Source: Smartgardenguide

#7 Pink Polka Dot Plant

Source: Peasandbeesco

#8 Fuchsia

Source: Thespruce

#9 Poinsettia

Source: Dammannsgardenco

#10 Purple Clover

Source: Thecitywild

#11 Arrowhead Plant

Source: Thespruce

#12 Caladium

Source: Thejungalow

#13 Polka Dot Begonia

Source: Reddit

#14 Pencil Cactus

Source: Thespruce

#15 Calico Kitten

Source: Succulentsbox

#16 Hedgehog Cactus

Source: Shopaltmanplants

#17 Strawberry Saxifrage

Source: Ukhouseplants

#18 Cyclamen

Source: Fromyouflowers

#19 Wandering Jew

Source: Wildroots

#20 Geranium

Source: Southernliving

#21 Ruby Ball Cactus

Source: Thespruce

#22 Dark Mystery Pilea

Source: Reddit

#23 Croton

Source: Brecks

#24 African Violet

Source: Almanac

#25 Persian Shield

Source: Selectseeds

#26 Clivia

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

#27 Christmas Cactus

Source: Flowerpatchfarmhouse

#28 TI Plant

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

#29 Madagascar Dragon Tree

Source: Thespruce

#30 Fantasy Venice

Source: Mydomaine

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