30 Easy and Creative Wood Slice Crafts

30 Easy and Creative Wood Slice Crafts

Not everything with bright colors, glitter, and tons of pizzazz will become impressive crafts. Sometimes, a little rustic decor vibe will be what you are looking for subtle more. And wood slices promise to do amazing projects. They are cute tiny pieces of nature, unique and versatile for fitting all home decor ideas. If you love crafts and want to tend to the natural beauty, there is a little something to inspire the crafter in all of you.

You know that they are inexpensive wooden slices but can make fascinating DIY crafts featuring to bring great satisfaction to any space in the home. From living rooms, front porches, bedrooms, and dining tables, each project will help to add a pop of earthiness. Whether you are making a table or party decor, there’s a creative wood project idea you’ll love. Most of them are easy to make without requiring a lot of effort. It’s time to check out these beautiful and simple wood slice crafts to add charm to your space from the outdoors to the indoors.

#1 Wooden Slice Wind Chime

Source: Etsy

#2 DIY Side Table

Source: Thecottagemarket

#3 Wooden Slice Candle Holders

Source: Etsy

#4 Wooden Slice Coasters

Source: Weddingchicks

#5 Wooden Slice Garden Path

Source: Janez Grasic

#6 A Great Privacy Panel

Source: Steffi Bergemann

#7 Wooden Slice Headboard

Source: Hogarmania

#8 Wall Mounted Shelf

Source: Permies

#9 Picture Frame Idea

Source: Refreshrestyle

#10 Outdoor Clock

Source: Mein-schoener-garten

#11 Create A Natural Flower Vase

Source: Curbly

#12 Cool Home Decor Idea

Source: Rusticdecorguy

#13 Wooden Love!

Source: Flickr

#14 Crafty Christmas Tree Recycling Project

Source: Gardentherapy

#15 Colorful Stepping Stone For Kid

Source: Sippycupmom

#16 Lighting Ball Idea

Source: Amazon

#17 Another Coaster Idea

Source: Thekimsixfix

#18 Rustic Pencil Holder

Source: Strawberry-chic.blogspot

#19 Lovely Birds Visit To The Garden

Source: Szinesotletek

#20 Wooden Slice Swing

Source: Lushome

#21 DIY Wooden Slice Keychains

Source: Sustainmycrafthabit

#22 Hanging Wooden Slice Idea

Source: Peinture Abstraite

#23 Wooden Slice Shelves

Source: Countryliving

#24 DIY Wood Slice Wreath

Source: Thefrugalhomemaker

#25 Wood Air Plant Hanger

Source: Bhg

#26 Wood Slice Idea for Mirror

Source: Beverley Fletcher

#27 Pretty Christmas Decor Idea

Source: Orientaltrading

#28 Wall Art Project

Source: Becky McMinn

#29 Wood Serving Tray

Source: 2daydeliver

#30 Initial Slice Christmas Ornament

Source: Etsy

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