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30 Fast-Growing Shrubs And Bushes For Privacy Borders And Hedges

Nothing is better than a natural green hedge for your garden and backyard. It not only brings nature to your space but also create the privacy. It’s a pretty place where your kids can play all around and you can also hold parties and gatherings in. Who can resist to a charming space surrounded by green plants? I know that I can’t. That’s not all because I love growing plants. A house with these enables you to immerse in the beauty of nature every day.

And, here are 30 fast-growing shrubs and bushes for privacy borders and hedges I would like to share you guys. As there is so much fun with your gardening, why don’t you carry out these DIY project for your garden? Add new appearance for it is worth, right? Some of them are perennial plants that will return your garden year after year. Let’s check them out!

#1 Laurel

The cherry laurel is a popular hedging choice. This plant grows fast and can create a hedge 1.5 -5m high. Laurel Etna and Laurel Caucasica are commonly used for privacy.

#2 Pyracantha

Pyracantha cannot be misse in category. It’s sometimes called firethorn and provides interest with the red or orange berries that appear in the fall.

#3 Privet

Is an ideal plant for hedges. It will create a charming private space for your home.

#4 Abrorvitae

Abrorvitae is also callled ‘Green Giant’. It’s another great choice for hedging or border for privacy. This plant can grow up to 3 feet per year in the right conditions.

#5 Holly

Holly is also worth introducing here. This plant provides a greater level of privacy in a backyard.

#6 Photinia

Photinia is a fast-growing flowering evergreen shrub that creates beautiful privacy in a range of gardens.

#7 Mahonia

Japanese mahonia is also know as Oregon grape. This is an excellent hedging choice with yellow flowers are followed by clusters of purple berries.

#8 Elaeagnus x ebbingei

Elaeagnus x ebbingei is sometimes referred to as oleaster, or silverberry. It is a tough evergreen that can make a great choice for adding privacy to your garden. Once established, these plants can add up to 75cm of growth each year.

#9 Cypresses

Cypress is sometimes referred to as Leylandii, is one of the fastest growing and best known conifers. Monterrey cypress and Nootka cypress are 2 popular varieries used to build privacy. Be warned, however, it can quickly get out of control!

#10 Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster is great to serve as informal privacy borders or formal hedging. This plant is dense and good looking, and produces blossom and red berries. So good, right?

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