30 Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

30 Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

Summer is coming. It’s great to add new appearance to your garden. For instance, a pretty cucumber trellis with tons of cucumbers or red, purple flowers of blooming amaranthus would be bright, striking in your garden. You not only harvest plenty of vegetables with your garden but also turn it into a colorful space. This will surely grasp the eyes of any passing by or coming in your house.

This post is then written here. It shares 30 flowers and plants that bloom all summer long. Even if your garden does not have enough room for them, these still help. It at least lets you know which flowers come into their time in summer. Then, you may buy some of your favorite, put them in nice vases, and place in the coffee table. And, we can’t deny that seeing beautiful flowers makes us feel good. Natural beauty always make sense.

#1 Amaranthus

This flower blooms in summer and comes in red, orange, gold, green, and purple.

#2 Canna Lilies

I just love these flower a lot and grow some plants in my garden.

#3 Wheat Celosia

This celosia can grow to 4 feet tall and bloom in red, pink, or purple. The feathery blooms makes for a great cut flower arrangement, either fresh or dried.

#4 Lily of the Nile

These flowers grow well in both full-sun and partial-shade places.

#5 Garden Cosmos

Garden cosmos is a sun-loving flower. It can grow from 2 to 5 feet tall and blooms in crimson, pink, and white. You can start these plants with seeds.

#6 California Poppies

These Calofornia poppies grow from 6 to 15 inches, and you can find it in vibrant colors like red, pink, orange, yellow, and cream. They are sun-loving flowers and grows best if directly sown.

#7 Spider Flowers

These flowers are easy to plant from seeds. They grows to about 3 to 5 feet tall and blooms in rose, pink, purple, and white.

#8 Sulfur Cosmos

Another cosmos in this collection is sulfur cosmos. It’s also easy to grow and comes in scarlet, orange, and yellow.

#9 Gazania Hybrids

This bright, beautiful flower grows 6 to 15 inches tall, and blooms in in vibrant colors like red, pink, bronze, orange, and yellow.

#10 Lantana

Lantana blooms in scorching days of summer. This flowers grows from 1 to 6 feet tall, and comes in red, pink, orange, cream, lilac, purple, white, and bi-colors.

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