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30 Fruits And Vegetables For High Yield

If you are looking for productive plants for the garden, you are on the right track. In the article today, we want to share 30 Fruits And Vegetables For High Yield that can help you take advantage of maximizing your harvests. Growing them in the garden means you not only always have tasty and organic fruits and vegetables all year round, but also your home will be closer to nature. When harvesting season comes, you will own a lot of different fruits and veggies. And of course, you will think about sharing them with your neighbors or as a gift to your friends, even sell them.

With these plants, you can grow them in any space, whether it is a large or small garden, or just in pots, or in containers. You can choose a suitable place for each plant. Evenly, there are many varieties of dwarf trees that you can easy to buy that grow in limited areas. Check them out with us!

#1 Apple

You can harvest from 480 to 690 lbs per mature standard tree. Or you can grow dwarf fruit trees, and grow these in containers.

#2 Plum

You can harvest 165 – 330 lbs per standard tree.

#3 Pear

You can harvest from 192 to 288 lbs per standard tree.

#4 Apricot

You can harvest 144 – 288 lbs per standard tree.

#5 Cherry

You can harvest c.135 lbs per standard tree. Of course, the exact yield you achieve will depend on the variety or varieties you choose. It will also depend on your climate and the conditions in your garden and, to a certain extent, on your skills as a gardener.

#6 Blackberry Plant

With a single blackberry plant, you can yield up to 10-20 lbs of fruit.

#7 Raspberries

This plant can yield between 2 and 6 lbs of fruit per cane during their fruiting season. Prune them correctly to increase yield.

#8 Rhubarb

With a high yield that this plant brings to, you can turn it into many delicious dishes to treat family.

#9 Stinging Nettles

Stinging nettles are commonly considered a weed, they can be cooked and eaten in a range of delicious recipes.

#10 Perennial Brassicas

Perennial Brassicas are a great option for your wild homestead. They grow well in temperate climates. So, if you live in this area, you should grow them in the garden to have organic and tasty veggies

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