30 Mesmerizing Butterfly Nail Designs To Copy

Which patterns do you love decorating your beautiful nails with? Butterflies, marble, stripes, cute shapes, or flowers sound great. As I prefer elegant yet chic nails, butterflies are always my prior pick. A beautiful butterfly nail design is great for any occasion, from going to work to attending a wedding ceremony. This nail art is even loved by the brides for their big day. It pairs perfectly with their stunning white dress.


Here are 30 mesmerizing butterfly nail designs to copy. If you have no idea for what to do to give your nails a new look, just give these a try. Brush your nails with a favorite color and add beautiful butterfly patterns on. It’s an enjoyable process. You will love the new appearance of your nails. If you want to make it more eye-catching, you can put on some glitter. It works so well. Ready to give them a look? Let’s get started!

#1 Cute Purple Ombre Nails with Glitter and Butterflies

#2 Clear, Nude, Blue Ombre Nails with Butterflies

#3 Purple Coffin Nails with Glitter Butterflies

#4 Clear Butterfly Nails

#5 Clear and Purple Butterfly Nails

#6 Yellow French Tip Nails with Butterflies

#7 Light Pink Ombre Butterfly Nails

#8 White Butterfly Nails

#9 Nude Coffin Nails with Butterflies

#10 French Butterfly Nails

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