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30 Urban Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

You live in an urban, which means you don’t have more space for your gardening love. Don’t let limited outdoor space prevent you from trying out your green thumb. If you are finding ways to upgrade your small space, the article today there are options you can choose. From a rooftop, patio, balcony, backyard, side yard, they are great designs to make in less space than you may think.

Taking them a look, all are so perfect, right? Just have a good design you can turn the limited and boring spaces into your own heaven. Each has its own beauty but all are connected with nature, flowers, plants to give you have a chance close to nature. What’s more, just being surrounded by plants can help clean the air around you and calm your mood. If you’re stuck for inspiration, read on below!

#1 Peaceful Place For Side Yard

Source: Thefarthing

#2 An Urban Oasis By Getting On Board With Vertical Gardens, Climbing Vines, and Potted Feature Plants

Source: Homestolove

#3 An English Garden Design

Source: Thehoneycombhome

#4 A Rooftop Garden With Flowers And Ornamental Grass

Source: Adamchristopherdesign

#5 A Deck Garden Design With Green Plants And Simple Seating

Source: Laurelberninteriors

#6 Secret Terrace Garden

Source: Justasmidgen

#7 Side Yard Landscaping Idea

Source: Diycorners

#8 A Patio Heaven

Source: Myblogdeco

#9 A Beautiful Yard With Hanging Baskets And Plants

Source: Thacoarquitetura

#10 A Restful Space

Source: Brit

#11 A Tropical Garden Design

Source: Haus

#12 A Stunning Terrace Garden

Source: Shakemyblog

#13 A Natural Landscaping With Plants And Furnitures

Source: Melaniejadedesign

#14 A Deck Seating Design With Green Space

Source: Adamrobinsondesign

#15 A Green Garden Design With Tropical Plants

Source: Designmilk

#16 Another Tropical Garden Design With Outdoor Furnitures

Source: Casacor

#17 A Tropical Garden For Entryway

Source: Homestolove

#18 A Romantic Balcony

Source: Lovelyca

#19 Bamboo Garden

Source: Gardenplantsonline

#20 A Small Garden With Green Plant Types

Source: Mylandscapes

#21 An Open Outdoor Space With Plants, Natural Rocks, And Deck Design

Source: Revistacasaejardim

#22 Green Space With Deck Design And A Tall Living Wall

Source: Tenniswood

#23 Boho Garden Style

Source: Leelahloves

#24 Landscaping Rocks

Source: Rcpblock

#25 Roof Garden

Source: Shootgardening

#26 A Small Backyard Garden With Plants And Simple Chairs

Source: Regardsetmaisons

#27 A Green Space With Pergola Design And Outdoor Furnitures

Source: Elledecor

#28 A Rose Garden

Source: Laurelberninteriors

#29 Rustic Landscaping

Source: Gardenista

#30 Stunning Deck Ideas

Source: Apartmenttherapy

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