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30 Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

You love rustic elements, you are reading the right post. In this list, we will share 30 Vintage Garden Decor Ideas that you will fall in love with. These ideas promise to give your garden a new look to attract all eyes. Also, they are creative ideas that you can make smart use of old antique items present in your home. If you want to add a timeless charm to your yard, these are great inspirations.

Vintage garden design is a new trend for outdoor living spaces that many people prefers in recent years. Many of these vintage garden ideas here use repurposed or upcycled items to create fun displays for your plants. From old ladders, bicycles, and kitchen utensils to wheelbarrows and old chairs, there is something for you that you can make your own planters. Check them out with us to find some and try them!

#1 Vintage Ladder Flowerpot Display

Source: Diyncrafts

#2 Vintage Wooden Herb Garden

Source: Sarahjoyblog

#3 Rustic Tipsy Flower Pots Tower

Source: Homeandgarden

#4 Vintage Garden Decor With White Bicycle

Source: Homebnc

#5 Galvanized Metal Wash Basin Hanging Basket with Purple Flowers

Source: Frugalcouponliving

#6 Vintage Decor with Clay Pots and Flowers

Source: Dishfunctionaldesigns

#7 A Stunning Decor with Bold Colorful Bloomings

Source: Flickr

#8 Hanging Flower Planters

Source: Homebnc

#9 Succulent Garden Chair

Source: Homebnc

#10 Old Wooden Chair For Climbing Rose

Source: Flickr

#11 A Vintage Decor with Recycled Items

Source: Tumblr

#12 Lovely Vintage Metal Wheelbarrow

Source: Fineartamerica

#13 Hanging Old Clay Pots

Source: Thepinkhammerblog

#14 Old Wooden Boxes Planters

Source: Twitter

#15 Stone Vintage Garden Bench

Source: Cleanandscentsible

#16 Mini Vegetable Garden

Source: Shellknoblakegirl

#17 Vintage Garden Old Ladder Decor

Source: Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

#18 Another Idea For Old Mental Wheelbarrow

Source: Freshideen

#19 Old Ladder For Flower Display

Source: Boredat

#20 Branch Ladder For Flower Pots

Source: Tumblr

#21 Old Window For Vintage Style

Source: Juventudrebelde

#22 Vintage Potting Bench

Source: Followtheyellowbrickhome

#23 Metal Bucket Mini Garden

Source: Ebay

#24 Metal Lavender Garden Bucket

Source: Vibekedesign

#25 Vintage Seating

Source: Mademoisellepoirot

#26 Vintage Space with Plants and Flowers

Source: Grangedecharme

#27 Vintage Decor with Old Items and Flowers

Source: Deavita

#28 Vintage Fairy Garden

Source: Tumblr

#29 Vintage Big Wagon Wheel Flower Display

Source: Balconygardenweb

#30 Spoon Hanging Basket Hooks

Source: Hutchstudio

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