32 Easy And Stylish Knit And Crochet Headband Patterns

If you’ve been searching for a quick knitting or crochet project, I’ve got a wonderful collection for you. I found 30 easy headband patterns that you can knit or crochet in just a few hours. If you live where it gets pretty cold during the winter months, you know that a good knit headband can be your best friend.

Not only do they help to keep your hair out of the way – and quite stylishly I might add – they can also be great for keeping your ears warm during those blistery winter days.

Crochet or knit headbands are great for adding just a bit of style. They’re also perfect for giving as gifts to any little girl or grown woman that you know.

These are all so easy, and many of them take very little yarn, so you can make several and give them to your family and friends. You’ll also want to check out these 100 crochet and knitting patterns that are perfect for beginners.

#1 Knit Cable Crown Headband

This bulky cable knit headband is the perfect cold weather accessory. You use a heavyweight yarn and it’s a really easy pattern, and the perfect way to practice your cable knit.
The pattern begins with a provisional cast on and finishes with a three needle bind off. You can also just sew the ending seams together if you prefer. It looks much more complicated than it is to make and is a beautiful piece when finished.

#2 Easy Crochet Bow Headband

This lovely crocheted headband features a huge bow and is a really easy pattern. You work it in three pieces, the headband, the bow, and the middle section, all of which are worked in a single crochet.

You could easily turn this one out in about an hour even if you don’t have much practice with crochet, and it’s really stylish. Do these in different colors for different outfits or make them as gifts.

#3 DIY Crisscross Crochet Headband With Matching Cuff

I love the look of this crisscross crocheted headband. The buttons are a great addition and it even has a fashionable matching cuff. This is such a simple pattern and it’s a great gift idea if you know someone who would love a hand crocheted headband.

I would do this one in many different colors so that I have one for every outfit and I just can’t get over how adorable those buttons look!

#4 Betty Knit Headband

Here’s another one with a name – I just love those. This one can be made easily in an hour or two depending on your skill level and has these wonderful ruffles.

If you need practice with knitting ruffles, this is the perfect pattern. It’s pretty thick so you can definitely keep your head and ears warm with this one, and it doubles as a neck warmer. Just slide it down over your neck and you have a beautifully knitted cowl.

#5 DIY Knotted Crochet Headband

This knotted look is very popular on headbands today. I love the simplicity of the pattern and it’s a relatively lightweight headband – depending of course on your choice of yarn.

You’ll finish six rows of double crochets for the headband portion and then make the knot section. Honestly, this one is so quick and easy, you could definitely finish this in one setting and it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so depending on your skill level.

#6 Knot Me Up Headband

Use your scrap yarn to make this cute retro style headband. The pattern comes in multiple sizes from baby to adult. Make a mummy and me pair today.

#7 Knot Me Up Headband

This pattern looks so easy that I don’t doubt this one lives up to its name. It’s called the easiest head wrap ever and I believe it. It’s also gorgeous with its really large flower and you can easily finish this one in an hour or so, even if this is your first crocheting project ever.

You can use any worsted weight yarn for this one and it looks like it would be really easy to adjust the pattern for different sizes – in case you want to make an infant or toddler’s size.

#8 Easy DIY Crisscross Crochet Headband

This crisscross pattern is a bit different than the other. It’s a super bulky headband that would be perfect for those really cold days when you need to keep your head and ears warm.

It’s also a really stylish look and can easily be made in just an hour or so. The crisscross design is gorgeous and really simple to do. This is a great piece to practice on if this is your first time crocheting and it’s a headband that would make a wonderful gift.

#9 Easy DIY Crisscross Crochet Headband

This beautiful pattern is available on Etsy for around $5 and it’ absolutely gorgeous. These little floret headbands are perfect for little ones, or you can make them longer for yourself.

It’s a quick pattern because it uses bulky weight yarn, so you’ll have it completed in no time. If you want a beautiful flowery headband that you can have done in about an hour or less, this one is perfect.

#10 Crochet Boho Headband for Women

This lacy crochet headband is perfect for summer. It will be the best companion for your bad hair days. The headband and the bow are worked in one single piece and this is a beginner friendly pattern. You can make it using your scrap yarn.

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