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40 Stunning Purple Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

40 Stunning Purple Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

If you crave beautiful, sweet-smelling purple flowers, look no further than this post. It’s a collection of 40 stunning purple flowers to grow in your garden. The purple blooms themselves are pretty enough to be striking in your garden. Pairing with green foliage, they will blow your mind away. Even if you are not a fan of purples, you still for these flowers. Who could resist to charming and fragrant flowers? I know that I can.

All of these purple flowering plants are great to plant directly in soil in your garden. They’re the best way to create the charming contrast of bright and dark spots in your garden. You can also raise them in the backyard, borders, or even in pots and containers. Some even grow well in bush and prefer shade for the best growth. Some also are perennials that will return your garden year after year with low maintenance. These even come back in a larger scale. A lot of species for you to try. Let’s check them out!

#1 Verbena

These purple flowers will create a poetic and romantic view for the outdoor space where they’re grown.

#2 Gloxinia

Gloxinia makes a name for itself with large trumpet-shaped flowers. It’s one of the most beautiful annual flowers to grow in your garden.

#3 Butterfly Bush

As the name may suggest, these purples are appealing to butterflies.

#4 Hellebore

Hellebore gives me the feeling of being mysterious. When other flowers tend to die, hellebores continue to fight against the winter blues.

#5 Zinnia

If you have just start your gardening, give these flowering plants a go. They blooms in a variety of colors.

#6 Sweet Pea

A beautiful fragrant flower that all gardeners love for their garden.

#7 Hydrangea

Do you know that the flower color of hydrangeas depends on soil pH? So, you just need to adjust it to have purple flowers.

#8 Chinese Wisteria

Once Chinese Wisteria blooms, it’s a sight to withhold with clusters of drooping flowers but keep its growth in check as its invasive.

#9 Pincushion Flower

Who do not want a beautiful pot of pincushion flower for their home? The thin, wiry stem holds the flower heads up that sway gently in the wind.

#10 Petunia

There are many purple petunia cultivars that you can choose from.

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