40 Stunning Purple Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

40 Stunning Purple Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

#11 Rhododendron

Purple rhododendron has many varieties for you to choose.

#12 Purple Hibiscus

Purple Hibiscus is also a beautiful flower to grow in your garden an backyard.

#13 Calla Lily

Calla lily is also called as Arum lily. This purple flowering plant is native to Southern Africa.

#14 Pasque Flower

This purple flower has a fuzzy look.

#15 Pansy

I grow some pansy plants in my garden. They blooms in purple, yellow, white, and violet-blue.

#16 Fuchsia

Fuchsia flowers come in colors of pink, purple, red, white, etc. They look pretty in hanging baskets.

#17 Erygnos (Sea Holly)

Each flower is a head-like cluster of small spiny bracts going with the little purple flowers which present an intriguing form.

#18 Morning Glory

Morning glory cannot be missed in this category. It is an excellent tropical climber that provides funnel-shaped blue, white, pink, or purple flowers and can also be trained over fence, pergola or arbor.

#19 Aster

Aster is a daisy-like perennial. It blooms in late summer to autumn, making the garden cheerful.

#20 Prairie Gentian

This flower is also called as Lisianthus. It produces five-petaled flowers resemble roses in shape.

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