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5 Plants That You Should Not Grow Them with Squash

Squash is one of the easy-to-grow vegetables that you should grow in your garden. This is a great vegetable to grow and cultivate whether you are new to gardening or a more experienced one. If you want to harvest a high yield, read our post today to avoid some problems with squash growth. In addition to taking notes on caring, soil, and water…, there are some plants that need to be avoided to grow near your squash.

And here are 5 Plants That You Should Not Grow with Squash. Although these plants are popular and also grow easily in any condition, they have their own growth problems. For example, growing brassicas with squash will attract pests such as aphids, cucumber beetles, and cabbage worms which will damage squash plants. Or, cucumber competes for nourishment and food with squash leading to stunting the growth and development of squash.

#1 Cucumber

Source: Homesandgardens

Cucumber competes for nourishment and food with squash and zucchini so they do not also work well together. Another problem, cucumber tends to steal water from crops nearby, so this may cause your squash to be unable to get the right supply of water and become extremely dry.

#2 Fennel

Source: Diggers

Fennel is a great way to attract beneficial insects but it is not compatible with every vegetable, including squash. The squash growth may be impeded with fennel around.

#3 Brassicas

Source: Treehugger

The members of the Brassicas family are cabbage, kale, and cauliflower which should not be grown near your squash plants because they are heavy feeders. They will consume essential nutrients from the soil, thereby competing with the squash. Besides, these vegetables are also prone to be damaged by pests such as aphids, cucumber beetles, cabbage worms, and cabbage moths. As such, if grown together with squash may cause to get infected with pests.

#4 Potatoes

Source: Ravallirepublic

There are some nightshade crops that will not provide any benefits to other plants, one of which is potatoes. They compete for nutrients, hinder growth, and disrupt the root system of squash.

#5 Pumpkin

Source: Sustainablefoodcenter

Although pumpkin also is a part of the family where zucchini and squash come from, they are not compatible with squash. The reason is the cross-pollination of the pumpkin can only negatively impact the growth of squash.

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