7 Inspiring Ways To Start Seeds Without Soil

You are a person who likes to grow fresh vegetables but you have not a garden! Luckily, there are a number of seeds you can grow without soil or compost. They can be grown easily when placed on a substrate that retains water. They will germinate well when completely surrounded by moisture. So, if you want to start seeding without soil, let’s take a look at some of our recommendations today.

In addition to having clean sprouts for family dishes, you can also use them to decorate. Because they can be grown indoors where there is less sunlight. They will make your space closer to nature. Moreover, they don’t need soil so they will give you a clean look.

#1 Start Them In Wet Natural Materials/ Plant Fibre Mats in Containers

Using wet natural materials such as cotton, linen or hemp in the same way as paper towels, either to grow seeds on top of.

#2 Sprout Seeds In A Jar

You can also use a jar to seed as sprouts, it is simple and easy to make.

#3 Start Seeds in Organic Cotton Wool

Organic cotton wool can be used for seeding by soaking to make a substrate. It is best only to use organic cotton, since it is cheap.

#4 Start Them in Fine Wood Shavings

One final substrate option is fine wood shavings (well moistened). Seed will grow well when they get enough humidity with warm temperatures.

#5 Start Seeds On/ In Paper Towels

Firstly, let’s wet your paper towel thoroughly in water. Then place it in any tray, tub or other container. After that you sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface of the paper. Make sure the paper stays moist until the seeds germinate and as they begin to grow.
Note: Small seeds will not usually need to be pre-treated. But larger seeds like peas should be pre-soaked before seeding.

#6 Start Them in Pulp Made From Untreated Waste Paper and Card

If you do not have paper towels, you can use a substrate of untreated waste paper and card like toilet roll tubes and cardboard box material, pages from old sketchbooks etc..
To do this, let’s make the pulp for the substrate firstly. You just need to soak the ripped up/ shredded waste paper and card in hot water, leave them to soak for a while, then wring out the mix and use it in the same way as paper towels.

#7 Start Seeds in Sponges

Spone is one of the another substrates that can be used for seed starting. As the similar material, it can hold moisture close to the seeds to allow them begin the germination process.

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