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8 Beautiful Evergreen Shrubs With Red Berries

When the cold winter days come, your yard doesn’t necessarily have to be bare and dreary. There are some evergreen shrubs with red berries making their grand entrance. If you want to turn your desert garden in winter into an oasis rich in colorful accents. Discover the most beautiful evergreen shrubs with magnificent red berries below.

What’s better than trees that keep both the green theme and add some sparks of energetic crimson or vermilion to enhance your landscape, and go exceptionally well with the Christmas spirit in December. Some shrubs also produce edible fruits to serve as a source of food for the birds in autumn and winter. Moreover, these shrubs are low-maintenance, so both lazy and busy gardeners can grow them.

#1 Bearberry Cotoneaster

Source: Watsonsgreenhouse

Bearberry cotoneaster is an evergreen shrub that grows well in zones 5-8. This plant gives you green foliage, white flowers, and red berries. It looks great when growing on slopes, as edging, or even as ground cover.

#2 Korean Barberry

Source: Plants

Korean Barberry is evergreen that produces clusters of bright red and egg-shaped berries hanging from the branches. It grows best in zones 3 to 7. Grow it for your borders, hedges, or windscreens.

#3 Japanese Skimmia

Source: Greenseasons

Japanese Skimmia is an evergreen shrub that creates an ideal soft look for banks and slopes, in borders and hedges. It bears red berries raising up dense, broad, oval mid-green leaves with a nice aroma. It grows best in zones 6 to 8.

#4 English Holly

Source: Birdsandblooms

English Holly is considered a queen of all evergreen shrubs with red berries. The best part of this plant is to produce red clusters of fiery pearls that ripen just in time for the Christmas season. This plant does well in zones 6-10.

#5 Spotted Laurel

Source: Gardenia

By displaying soft light to dark green with cream-yellow spot leaves, this Spotted Laurel forms a thick and dense shrub with a lovely color pattern and a glossy sheen. The beautiful flowers appear in spring, then give way to glossy bright, and deep red berries. Grow this plant for hedges, borders, and windscreens to have a stunning look. It grows happily in zones 6-10.

#6 ‘Red Cushion’ Scarlet Firethorn

Source: Treehouse

‘Red Cushion’ Scarlet Firethorn produces spiked branches and regular, tidy habits with plenty of red berries in clusters. The tiny white flowers will appear in spring and continue into the early months of summer. You can grow it as a wall-side shrub, in hedges, or even as a foundation planting. Its zones are 6 to 9.

#7 ‘Repens Aurea’ English Yew

Source: Gardenerspath

‘Repens Aurea’ English Yew shows off dense and evergreen foliage with bright green with golden flushes. The plant does not bloom but will produce red berry-like cones. It is well suited to shady gardens and grows well in zones 6 to 8.

#8 Chilean Guava

Source: Strangewonderfulthings

Chilean Guava bears clusters of super fragrant, bell-shaped pink and white flowers hanging on the branches in spring, and keep blooming until summer. When the flowers fade, they turn into large dark red berries that you can eat. Grow it to grace your hedges, borders, and containers. It grows in zones 9 to 10.

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